The 56 Ethnic Group of Symbols Chinese

This design combines traditional and modern design methods to upgrade new national symbols to promote national culture.


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Xiamen Kaoliang liquor

The Xiamen Kaoliang liquor packaging emphasizes the high quality and unique flavor of the product and showcase the brand’s cultural affinity to Southern Fujian.

Designed by: Miaohua Chen and Mingyu Chen of FUJIAN PROVINCIAL HUAYI DESIGNING CO., LTD.

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Xbox Adaptive Controller Packaging

The goal of the packaging for the Xbox Adaptive Controller was to create an empowering unboxing experience for anyone who would be gaming with the controller. The designers worked directly with gamers who have limited mobility to understand how they could make the unboxing experience as frictionless as possible. They strove to make the opening experience for both the retail box and the online delivery box as painless as possible, so if a gamer ordered from, they would have a great experience right from their doorstep.

Desiged by: Kevin Marshall and Mark Weiser of Microsoft's Packaging Design Team

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Galaxy Note9 Package

This packaging design expresses the characteristics of the Note9 in the simplest and most intuitive way. The most representative identity of Note9 is the Pen. To emphasize that, the Pen is expressed in a bold but refined graphic on the front of the package in such way that the Note’s design can be seen at a glance. The compact size of the package ensures there is no wasted space. The designers prioritized paper as the main material for the interior and strove to stay away from excessive packaging or meaningless decoration to make the design minimal while also considering the environment. 

Designed by: Soohyun Kim, Juwon Lee & Sunyoung Lee of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Drinkworks Home Bar

The Drinkworks™ Home Bar makes cocktails, beers, ciders and sangrias at the touch of a button, chilled to the perfect temperature. The packaging was designed with the consumer in mind. The designers studied the entire consumer journey, from shopping at retail to the transport home, the un-boxing experience and recycling, in order to remove all pain points. Lifting and carrying can be accomplished via a top handle or two side handles. Unboxing is achieved by releasing two side-locks and simply lifting the top of the box off—no awkward lifting required. 

Designed by: Drinkworks, Clemson University, ZenPack & Motiv Design

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BenQ Projector Molded Pulp packaging

The BenQ Projector Molded Pulp packaging is an eco-friendly solution to reduce packaging waste. With an outer box that both cushions and protects, it has passed drop and crash tests without additional padding. The concealed package handle has a flat surface, economizing storage and transport space. Unpacking is greatly simplified, requiring only one step to remove the product. The non-composite molded pulp materials are easy to recycle and contain waterproof components that protect the box against moisture.

Designed by: BenQ Lifestyle Design Center

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Withfika - reasonable makeup brand packaging

The packaging for the cosmetic brand Withfika was designed with a simple structure to be practical for daily use, and the Memphis-style graphics were designed to stand out to consumers. The minimal post-processing of the container and box reduced costs and increased manufacturing efficiency.

Designed by: Jihyo Lee, Yura Lee and Chaeyoon Kim of WITHFIKA Design for CELLTRIONSKINCURE Corp.


TV Packaging Box Reuse Pet House

The TV Packaging Box Reuse Pet House is an environmentally friendly TV packaging design. On the theme of the FIFA World Cup 2018, the TV Packaging Box can be reused and transformed into a pet house.

Designed by: Tan Qi Feng of Hisense Industrial Design Center for Hisense Electric Co., Ltd.


Peaufinee - Sun protection line family cosmetic brand packaging

The motto of the Peaufinee line of hypoallergenic cosmetics proposes a skin-care solution has things in common with medicine. The plain and orderly layout of the graphics was inspired by prescription bottles, and the family of icons distinguish the products in the line and showcase the cheerful and friendly identity of the Peaufinee brand.

Designed by: Jihyo Lee, Yeonhwa Lee, Bokyung Choi and Woosung LEE of Peaufinee Design for CELLTRIONSKINCURE Corp.


Cellcure - cosmeceutical skincare brand packaging

The packaging for the Cellcure skin-science cosmetics brand marries intuitive authenticity with minimal design elements. The form factor is derived from a capsule, bowing to the brand’s cosmeceutical foundation. The brand area is visually separated from the function area using color and material transitions.

Designed by: Jihyo Lee, Yura Lee, Chaeyoon Kim and Yeonhwa Lee of CELLCURE Design for CELLTRIONSKINCURE Corp.