The design of the WULIANG Image combines old and new with a carefully designed typeface and red matte lid. It highlights the unique charms of Asian culture and reflects the humanization and liberalization of modern design. 

Designed by:   Luo Heng for Jingdezhen Adriam Luo Creative Design Co.,Ltd.

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National Cheng Kung University 90th Anniversary Kaoliang Liquor

The packaging of this commemorative kaoliang liquor was designed to express the theme of the National Cheng Kung University’s 90th-anniversary celebration: remaining humble while brilliantly achieving for the common good. 

Designed by:  Huey-Jen Jenny Su of National Cheng Kung University, NCKU Art Center, NCKU Kansei Innovation for Design Experience Lab, Shen-Yao Yu and Wei-Che Lin of 22 Design Studio Co., Ltd., and Spring Pool Glass Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Montbest with Earth

The Montbest water bottle was designed to be easy to recycle. The pattern on the body allows more light to be refracted, and the ribs make it easier to hold. 

Designed by:  GENTLEBRAND for Korea Crystal Beverage Co., Ltd.

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Danone Biomimicry EVO Bottle

The Danone Biomimicry Evo Bottle is 23% lighter with a 20% performance gain, saves 493 tons of HDPE per year, and reduces carbon-dioxide emissions by 23%. 

Designed by:  Tiago César, Carlos Rego, Francisco Alves, David Brown, and Shereena Glory of Logoplaste Innovation Lab for Danone México

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Connected circularity

The Connected circularity bottle embeds a code in the packaging using a binary cryptogram, which can access data to improve recyclability and consumers’ experiences and prevent counterfeiting. 

Designed by: Pedro Pedroso, Carlos Rego, Paulo Correia, José Barradas, João Filipe, and Tomáš Filler of Logoplaste Innovation Lab

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ECO 6L Refillable Filtered Water Bottle

The ECO 6L Refillable Filtered Water Bottle was designed to be refilled in any ECO Filtration Fountain, allowing the whole family to opt for more conscious, sustainable water consumption. It is made of recyclable PET (BPA free), with a UV filter that protects water from sunlight. Offering two positions of use, vertical and horizontal, the bottle is easy to transport and store in the refrigerator on its side. The drop present in the brand logo defines the shape of the bottle, and the shape of the bottle allows it to be stored horizontally—a synergy of form, function, and branding.

Designed by: Carlos Alves, Paulo Correia, Daniel Correia, and Alex Santos of Logoplaste Innovation Lab for NWP - New Water Project

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PLAECO is a delivery food package system made of PLA, a biodegradable resin that can replace petroleum-based plastics. PLA is made of 99.3% nature-derived raw materials and returns 100% to nature by being decomposed by microorganisms after use. When completely decomposed into water, carbon dioxide, and other decomposable organic substances, it can be used as compost. The line consists of containers and carriers. They feature an interlocking stacking system for secure delivery. PLAECO takes care of all the steps in delivering food from restaurant to courier to customer.

Designed by: ID+IM Design Laboratory, ID KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) for BGF ecobio

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Fitbit Sustainable Packaging for Trackers

Fitbit’s all-paper packaging design for trackers introduces consumers to Fitbit products with an easy unboxing experience that reduces the company’s carbon footprint. The contoured pulp tray protects the device during shipment and displays it as the sole focus upon opening, with a pullable tab that reveals the charger and band. This packaging works for multiple generations of products in various retail environments. The redesigned internal packaging uses lighter materials, lowing the weight of the packaging by 25%, enabling Fitbit to ship about 35% more product with the same carbon footprint.

Designed by: The Fitbit Industrial Design Team

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Sonos Global Packaging System

The Sonos packaging refresh was done to complement the company’s larger brand identity and to address today’s challenges. From the start, the design team considered what it means to have the packaging “out there” longer than many of the company’s other touchpoints. The aim was to create a more timeless system, versus being trend-driven, with minimal or no cost increase for the portfolio. It leverages Aktiv Grotesk, a typeface that brings more character and nuance than traditional Helvetica. This subtle change is being carried across brand materials along with other aspects such as sound visualization patterns, product illustrations, and iconography.

Designed by: Michelle Enright, Ben Blanchard, Jeremiah Etchison, IDSA and the Sonos Global Packaging Team. Artwork created in collaboration with Character.

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Minimax - Jungle

The recyclable pulp packaging for the Minimax children’s dietary supplement brand is shaped like a toy bag that children will want to reuse and possibly even personalize as the surface is ideal for drawing on.

Designed by: Jung Woo Kim and Min Jun Choi of Dong A Pharm

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