Outdoor Products


LILLEGENDS " BY MUSTANG SURVIVAL is a children’s personal flotation device. It features a breathable mesh structure with molded foam ventilation channels for thermal regulation. The design incorporates segmented foam into the chassis to improve mobility and comfort. Its fit and thermal management encourage activity and play. 

Designed by Mark Anderson, Anna Dixon, Leah Kleisinger, Jared Rhind, Cheryl So and Ralph Steger of Mustang Survival

Contact: Jared Rhind - jrhind@mustangsurvival.com


Capture Camera Clip v2

The Capture Camera Clip v2 is a camera-carrying system for active photographers and outdoors enthusiasts. The product enables the user to carry any camera directly on any backpack, belt or bag with a compact aluminum clip. The unit can withstand over 200 pounds of force, making it suitable for extreme activities and heavy cameras.

Designed by Art Viger and Peter Dering of Peak Design LLC

Contact: Art Viger - art.viger@peakdesignltd.com


COMPACLITE® Outdoor Swivel Chair

Designed to enhance stability, the Outdoor Swivel Chair swivels 360 degrees and is lightweight, compact and collapsible, making it suitable for camping, fishing, outdoor concerts and sporting events. It is made up of durable aluminum 7075; the minimal structural design keeps the chair compact and mobile. 

Designed by Youn Jae Lee for Fimax International Co., Ltd.

Contact: Christine Cha Christinecha@fimaxinternational.com


AVAnav: Avalanche Rescue Helmet-Mounted Display

The AVAnav: Avalanche Rescue Helmet-Mounted Display is a wearable interface prototype for search and rescue personnel designed to reduce the time needed to locate buried avalanche victims. It is a fully functioning helmet-mounted display that aims to promote heads-up and hands-free searches, thus enabling rescuers to move across rough and uneven terrain while utilizing ski poles and other hand rescue tools like shovels and probes.

Designed by Jason O. Germany, IDSA of University of Oregon

Contact: Jason Germany - jgermany@uoregon.edu


Whispbar WB200 Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier

The Whispbar WB200 Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier is a bicycle carrier developed for the secure and professional transportation of road and mountain bikes. It features a configurable design that secures the bike by a conventional 9 millimeter fork or a 15 millimeter through-axle without adapters. The WB200 delivers a simplified user experience, a high level of security and a premium aesthetic.

Designed by James Buckroyd, Juan Cagampang, Chris Sautter and Mark Elliott of Yakima Products Inc.

Contact: Casper Rubalcava - casper.rubalcava@yakima.com


Whispbar WB400 Kayak Carrier

The Whispbar WB400 Kayak Carrier is a collapsible J-cradle-style kayak carrier developed for the secure transport of kayaks with a tool-free QuickDock technology that enables fast installation and extendable boat loading arms. The construction is primarily aluminum and nylon, with metallic finishes identifying key interaction points and soft elastomeric padding for areas that support the kayak.

Designed by Jason Sagen, Chris Sautter, Mark Elliott and Gian-Marco D'Angelo of Yakima Products Inc.

Contact: Casper Rubalcava - casper.rubalcava@yakima.com