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NITECORE 21700 Intelligent Battery System

The 21700 Intelligent Battery System is an innovative power solution consisting of the NITECORE 21700 i Series Battery, the ML21 Magnetic Light, the MC21 Magnetic Charger, and the MPB21 Magnetic Power Bank. 

Designed by: Siman Lee, June Lai, Zhong Shicong, Li Jianfeng and Wang Xi of SYSMAX Innovations Co., Ltd.

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While an inexpensive grill may be easy on the pocket, assembling it can be a long and fretful process with its box of parts. The Instant Barbecue has reinvented the inexpensive grill with only seven parts, taking just 90 seconds to assemble or dismantle it. Users can easily set the grill on any flat surface using the lateral legs. It features a special edge to prevent sausages from rolling off and is also easier to clean thanks to its curved shape. The cover even serves multiple purposes: a protection for the tank, a plate for the grill, and a way to blow air on the embers.

Designed by: Ludovic Diallo, Cyril Mathieu, Marc Salagnac, Jérôme Bourgon and Philippe Vahé of CARREFOUR  

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redminut portable drinking bottle

The redminut portable drinking bottle for dogs combines a water reservoir with a drinking trough for ultimate portability. Simply flip open the trough 180 degrees and dispense the water by rotating the cover and pressing the button. The water is released in a controlled manner. Thanks to the compact, leakproof, foldable design, you can take the redminut with you on your travels near and far, always able to quench your dog’s thirst. 

Designed by: Chen Wei Tao and Guan Da Ming of Fo Shan Square Industrial Design Co., Ltd. for Square Intelligent & Technology Co., Ltd.

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TR-PS001 Outdoor Portable Energy Storage Power Supply

The TR-PS001 solves the common problems of mobile power supply: small battery capacity, limited functionality, a narrow application range and a harsh outdoor environment.

Designed by: Zhen Guofu, Ye Liangwen, Yu Xueliang, Long Hanqing and Wu Along of Shenzhen Trendwoo Tech. Co.,Ltd.

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UCO Ware

UCO Ware is a collection of easy-to-use spork utensils and mess kits specifically designed to work together to address the needs of camping meals and food storage or taking your lunch to work. Each product has unique, individual innovations. The nesting design of the utility spork allows you to stack multiple sporks together. The compact switch spork transforms into a dedicated full-sized spoon, fork and knife. It also telescopes together to form an extra-long utensil for tall food pouches. The lid of the mess kit doubles as a plate, and the premium bamboo version includes a cutting board integrated onto the outside surface.

Designed by: Treasure Hinds and Greg Janky of Anvil Studios Design Team

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Ryobi Handheld Lopper, Digging Tool & RoboYagi

Ryobi’s line of battery-powered tools makes yard work easier and safer. The loppers allow users to prune safely and with ease with the 18-volt motor and high-quality bypass blades that provide 150 kg/m of torque and razor-sharp cutting. The Digging Tool is ideal for planting trees, shrubs and flowers; cultivating and preparing soil; and tackling DIY fencing and landscaping. The RoboYagi Robotic Mower works quickly, quietly and efficiently to give you a beautiful lawn so you can sit back and enjoy your garden, rather than spend time maintaining it.

Designed by: Leon Yoong, Carter Wong, Frankie Lam, Adis Sabic & Steven Lau of Techtronic Design

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Lovinflame Tabletop Fire Pit

Merging revolutionary fire technology with smart design, the Lovinflame Tabletop Fire Pit is clean-burning, portable and wind-resistant. Unlike ethanol burners, the Lovinflame Tabletop Fire Pit can be safely refueled via the fuel tank opening even when the fire is burning, markedly reducing the risk of injury. The glass inserts are precisely angled to stabilize airflow, amplifying fire’s natural aesthetics while simultaneously dissipating heat. It also includes Lovinflame Windshield Glass to guard against forceful winds, preserving the vibrancy of vividly brilliant flames.

Designed by: William Home of Lovinflame Inc.

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The T20 is a 20-liter car refrigerator powered by the cigarette lighter or when outdoors a solar or lithium battery. It can quickly refrigerate to -18℃ with only 50-watt power consumption. Its slim body makes it easy to carry and ideal for camping and cross-country trips.

Designed by: Yu Xie of Guangdong indelB Enterprise Co., Ltd. for JD.com, Tmall.com and Suning.com

Contact: yu.xie@indelb.cn; http://www.indelb.cn/index.aspx; https://indelb.tmall.com

NITECORE SRT9 Multi-Output Die-Cast Flashlight

The NITECORE SRT9 flashlight features a high-power CREE XHP50 LED and red, green, blue and UV secondary LEDs. It can be adjusted infinitely from 0.1 lumens to 2150 lumens by twisting the selector ring located near the bezel. Color outputs and special modes are also quickly accessible this way too. It boasts a 250-hour runtime.

Designed by: Li Wenjie, Wang Xi, Yin Yingmao, Zhong Shicong and Wu Shifeng of SYSMAX Innovations Co., Ltd.

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120V Li-ion Hedge Trimmer

The G-Force 120V Li-ion Hedge Trimmer is the market leader in cordless-powered trimmers. Its features include a soft grip for comfortable use, three-sided operation, a laser-cut blade and a one-click rear handle rotary.

Designed by: Nigel Robson and Zhao Liu of Sumec Hardware and Tools Co., Ltd.

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