Living Wall Planter 2


The Living Wall Planter 2 (LWP2) is a modular wall planter that is designed to make it easy to install, create and maintain a living plant wall in your home or garden. Made in the US from 100 percent, post-consumer milk jugs, the LWP2 has a unique, patented reservoir configuration, which allows users to fill planter with the optimum volume of water without risk of over or under watering or spillage. The reservoir has a perforated wall that allows water to slowly seep through the soil and directly to the plants roots over time. A pattern of small ventilation holes on the front of the planter allow the roots to breath, and prevents rot that occurs with unventilated planters.

Designed By: Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan, Matt Malone, Scott Ross, Drew Putterman of Branch Creative; and Miguel Nelson of Woolly Pocket