humangear GoBites


GoBites are available in three models—Uno, Duo and Trio—all built on the same design ethos: real camping gear for real humans.GoBites Uno is a highly-optimized hybrid utensil. The tool is evolved in notable ways, with smarter tool ends and a more comfortable form. It will find a home with ultra-light backpackers, people craving simplicity, the space-conscious and those on a budget. GoBites Duo is a fork and spoon set that offers the best of both portability and functionality. When nested together with the unique interlock mechanism, the Duo is among the most compact travel utensil sets on the market. The fork and spoon also can be connected end-to-end to create one long spoon or fork that's perfect for eating rehydrated meals on a camping trip or mixing food in a pot. GoBites Trio is spoon, fork and serrated knife in an extended length. The whole set comes in a beautiful, slim case that keeps everything organized and clean. There’s even a metal bottle opener in the knife and a custom, wedge-pointed toothpick.

Designed by: LUNAR and humangear