Edyn Garden Sensor


The Edyn Garden Sensor is a first-of-its-kind gardening tool that effectively communicates in real time the factors affecting the user’s garden, and provides information and tips to grow thriving plants. The sensor goes directly into the soil of the garden, and can read factors such as soil moisture and nutrition, air humidity, sunlight exposure, temperature and other influences that affect the health of plants. The information is sent directly to a corresponding app, providing users the information they need to best care for their garden. Edyn is packed with information on more than 5,000 plants, and advice on which plants or plant pairings will grow best in the user’s garden. The Edyn Garden Sensor is for novice gardeners and small-scale farmers alike—deepening the relationship between people and their plants.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Nick McGinnis, Liam Adelman, Michelle Dawson, Christina Park and Noah Polsky of fuseproject for Edyn

Contact: daniel@fuseproject.com