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M12 Fuel Hatchet Pruning Saw

The M12 Fuel Hatchet is a 12V compact cordless pruning saw with a 6-inch bar for pruning applications. The Fuel Brushless motor gives it the power to cut 3-inch hardwoods and can deliver up to 120 cuts per charge. Weighing less than 5 pounds, the M12 gives the user increased maneuverability in tight access areas. And with the variable speed trigger with immediate throttle response, users have complete control over the power range. Harnessing the power of this saw is made easy with the full house chain, which minimizes vibration and delivers clean cuts. The quiet emission-free battery-powered motor also allows for use indoors, such as for construction demolition. 

Designed by: Drake Schlosser, Scott Fischer, and Shane McCue of Milwaukee Tool

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Pellet Joe

Pellet Joe is a grill that combines the simplicity and control of burning wood pellets with the unmatched thermal efficiency of a ceramic Kamado-style grill. The Pellet Joe’s hopper will hold up to 10 pounds of pellets, which can last around 14 hours for long smoking sessions. Unlike standard charcoal-burning Kamados, starting up Pellet Joe is as simple as turning the front dial to the desired temperature, ranging from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Users can monitor and control the internal temperature from their phone via Wi-Fi connectivity.

Designed by: The Atlas PMG Team and Kamado Joe

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RYOBI 18V EZ Reach Pole Attachment System

The RYOBI EZ Reach System is a telescopic pole with a range of attachments: a lightweight pole hedge trimmer, a rounded cone brush, and a window cleaning brush. When designing the RYOBI EZ Reach System, the goal was to reduce the weight as much as possible. Tools that are easier to use and more ergonomic reduce bodily strain, leading to a more enjoyable experience for a wider range of customers. Lighter, more comfortable, and more versatile products help take the chore out of maintenance tasks, helping users enjoy their garden more.

Designed by: Techtronic Design OPE Team

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Fi Smart Collar

The Fi Smart Collar tracks your dog’s movement and location, ensuring your best friend is keeping fit and staying close to home. Using a combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS signals, the Smart Collar can locate your pet to a radius of as little as 7 feet. Owners can set up geofencing around their home and be immediately alerted when their dog leaves their domain. If they do leave, pets can be accurately tracked and recovered quickly. The activity tracking also allows owners to ensure their dog is getting the right amount of exercise for their breed.

Designed by: Fred Bould, IDSA, Jeremy Wolf, IDSA, and Jamie Perin of Bould Design for Fi

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RYOBI 18V ONE+ Garden Pruning Saw

With the RYOBI 18V ONE+ Garden Pruning Saw you can prune branches up to 65 millimeters thick. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to use with one hand. 

Designed by: Frankie Lam Kwok Fan and Carter Wong of Techtronic Design

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NITECORE 21700 Intelligent Battery System

The 21700 Intelligent Battery System is an innovative power solution consisting of the NITECORE 21700 i Series Battery, the ML21 Magnetic Light, the MC21 Magnetic Charger, and the MPB21 Magnetic Power Bank. 

Designed by: Siman Lee, June Lai, Zhong Shicong, Li Jianfeng and Wang Xi of SYSMAX Innovations Co., Ltd.

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While an inexpensive grill may be easy on the pocket, assembling it can be a long and fretful process with its box of parts. The Instant Barbecue has reinvented the inexpensive grill with only seven parts, taking just 90 seconds to assemble or dismantle it. Users can easily set the grill on any flat surface using the lateral legs. It features a special edge to prevent sausages from rolling off and is also easier to clean thanks to its curved shape. The cover even serves multiple purposes: a protection for the tank, a plate for the grill, and a way to blow air on the embers.

Designed by: Ludovic Diallo, Cyril Mathieu, Marc Salagnac, Jérôme Bourgon and Philippe Vahé of CARREFOUR  

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redminut portable drinking bottle

The redminut portable drinking bottle for dogs combines a water reservoir with a drinking trough for ultimate portability. Simply flip open the trough 180 degrees and dispense the water by rotating the cover and pressing the button. The water is released in a controlled manner. Thanks to the compact, leakproof, foldable design, you can take the redminut with you on your travels near and far, always able to quench your dog’s thirst. 

Designed by: Chen Wei Tao and Guan Da Ming of Fo Shan Square Industrial Design Co., Ltd. for Square Intelligent & Technology Co., Ltd.

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TR-PS001 Outdoor Portable Energy Storage Power Supply

The TR-PS001 solves the common problems of mobile power supply: small battery capacity, limited functionality, a narrow application range and a harsh outdoor environment.

Designed by: Zhen Guofu, Ye Liangwen, Yu Xueliang, Long Hanqing and Wu Along of Shenzhen Trendwoo Tech. Co.,Ltd.

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UCO Ware

UCO Ware is a collection of easy-to-use spork utensils and mess kits specifically designed to work together to address the needs of camping meals and food storage or taking your lunch to work. Each product has unique, individual innovations. The nesting design of the utility spork allows you to stack multiple sporks together. The compact switch spork transforms into a dedicated full-sized spoon, fork and knife. It also telescopes together to form an extra-long utensil for tall food pouches. The lid of the mess kit doubles as a plate, and the premium bamboo version includes a cutting board integrated onto the outside surface.

Designed by: Treasure Hinds and Greg Janky of Anvil Studios Design Team

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