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RYOBI 18v HP Garden Vacuum + Sweeper

This vacuum and sweeper is designed to make light work of your garden maintenance. Use it as a garden vacuum, leaf blower, or mulcher to clean up driveways, paths, decks, and other outdoor spaces. 

Designed by:  Lee Wai Chung and Carter Wong of Techtronic Design Asia for Techtronic Industries Company Limited

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The RABA foldable bicycle helmet was inspired by the structure of a hive, so its components support each other. When folded, its volume is reduced by about a third of standard helmets. 

Designed by:  Youngho Shin, Jusang Lee, Hyunjun Park, Dong-Yeon Cho, Ui-Jong Lee of I2M Co., Ltd. for NATURE MOBILITY Co., Ltd.

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Krado Plant Sensor

The Krado Plant Sensor provides real-time monitoring of critical environmental factors that influence plant health, such as soil moisture, ambient temperature, humidity, and light. 

Designed by:  Hatch Duo LLC

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Cat litter basin

The main design feature of this litter box is the detachable fresh-air module at the top, which removes odors. It also has antibacterial properties and a sand board to remove litter from the claws. 

Designed by:  Jiahui Hu, Xiqiang Li, Zhaojie Fang, Jianren Wang, and Guoqiang Wang of Ningbo Fonu Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd. for Shanghai One Sixth Pet Products Co., Ltd.

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AIPURY 1500 is an energy-saving swimming-pool cleaning robot. It features intelligent route planning, a wall-climbing function, and easy maintenance. 

Designed by:  Liu Ruifeng, Ye Liangwen, Yu Xueliang, and Wang Yang for Shenzhen Aiper Intelligent Co., Ltd.

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AEG 18v FUSION Secateurs

The AEG 18v FUSION Secateurs are the powerful, compact, and lightweight answer to effortless pruning around the garden. They feature excellent ergonomics and a one-second cycle time between cuts. 

Designed by:  Frankie Lam and Carter Wong of Techtronic Design Asia for Techtronic Industries Company Limited

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Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder

Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder that notifies you when you have visitors, captures their photos, and organizes them in the app. The technology uses AI to gamify the experience by automatically recognizing over 1,000 species of birds, encouraging you to collect them all, like a real-life game of Pokémon GO. The feeder can also notify you when seeds are running low, and it has an optional solar panel to keep itself fully charged. The app enables users to share their photos and videos with other users, encouraging learning and a sense of community.

Designed by: Kyle Buzzard and Matija Milkovic Biloslav of Bird Buddy

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Tomo is a vacuum-insulated thermos with a handle to store, tote, and retain any beverage until it’s ready to be poured into two insulated twist-off sipping mugs. It creates a unique shared experience as most thermoses offer only a single cup or an uninsulated one. Or you can skip the pouring and sip directly from the thermos from any angle with the inner leakproof 360-degree lid. Either way, you’ve got total motivation to plan your next outing.

Designed by: Geoff Henkel for MiiR

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Fenix 7 Series

The Fenix 7 series is a collection of rugged outdoor smartwatches that help people navigate the outdoors with confidence. The watches are designed to withstand extreme environments and are built with titanium and sapphire to survive any adventure. They incorporate a transparent solar cell that sits above the display collecting sunlight that can extend battery life by over a week. The series comes in three sizes and a variety of finishes to suit a wide range of people and activities. Built-in worldwide topo maps make navigation simple and reliable when in unfamiliar terrain. 

Designed by: Garmin Design Team

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Aquor Comfort Grip Hose Connector

Aquor’s line of water values do not have a spigot and valve handle exposed on the outside of the house. Instead, this traditional fixture is replaced with Aquor’s Hydrant, a valve system embedded inside the wall that protects pipes from freezing. The inner valve opens by locking a handle into the Hydrant via an exterior flush-mounted plate, which has a spring-loaded hose connector with a 1/3-turn bayonet-style thread. The Comfort Grip Hose Connector connects standard 3/4-inch garden hoses to the Aquor Hydrant. Designers also created a new design language to elevate the product experience and overall brand presence.

Designed by: Treasure Hinds, IDSA, Greg Janky, Waymen Yu, and Christine Kim of Anvil Studios, Inc. for Aquor Water Systems, Inc.

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