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Room Wizard II from Steelcase

RoomWizard II is a digital scheduling system designed to maximize space resources. The device is wall-mounted next to a conference room, and ambient illumination of the room’s availability status is visible from afar. Room reservations and meeting times may be set up and managed on the device itself or remotely via the Web. The system’s database tracks space usage and reservation patterns company-wide to enable more efficient planning.

Credits: IDEO design team with Steelcase
Client: Steelcase
Contact: Andrea Pomerance:



The notchless is an adhesive tape dispenser for MagicTM Tape. It cuts adhesive tape in the same way as conventional tape dispensers but leaves a straight edge, not a zigzag one. Tape cut with a straight edge looks better and does not leave behind stickiness or dirt. Having a straight edge also prevents pieces from splitting off when tape is removed, as happens with a zigzag cut.

Credits: Mamoru Yasukuni of kikuchi-yasukuni architects Inc. (Japan)


Elo TouchSystems 15E1 Touchcomputer

The 15E1 Touchcomputer is a compact low-cost point-of-sale computer designed for aggressive adoption in developing countries. The screen is clad in edge-to-edge glass and supported by a wedge-shaped body that also cleverly conceals the PC and its cables. Multiple flat surfaces were purposefully integrated into the design to allow for ad placement or branding options.

Credits: NewDealDesign LLC, Gadi Amit, Jacqui Belleau, Julien Rouillac, Elo touchsystems Inc. and Jeff Haller
Contact: Gadi Amit:


Post-it® Full Adhesive Roll

Post-it® Full Adhesive Roll

The Post-it® Roll is a Post-It note in the form of a roll with an adhesive backside. It features a minimal speech bubble-shaped dispenser. The shape is designed to nestle smoothly in the user’s hand. The wide version of the dispenser uses an innovative spindle, which enables a width of three roles in various configurations.

Post-it® Big Pad

Post-it® Big Pad

The Post-it® Big Pad was designed to give users a simple and effective tool for compiling and working through problems and ideas. Unlike easel pads, the Big Pad enables users to bring the conversation to the table, which fosters a more fluid and dynamic exchange of ideas.

Bay Chair

The Bay chair is a shared workplace chair designed for informal meetings and light tasks. It features a circular seat, open back support and a weight-sensitive mechanism that makes it suitable for multiple body types. It also supports 360-degree movement and encourages engagement with the people and space around it.

Designed by PearsonLloyd

Contact: Francesca Ulivari -



FLO is a swivel chair in which the arm serves as the centerpiece connecting the back and seat mechanism. Its twisted structure optimizes strength that supports a consistent thin edge throughout the entire body. The major design concept is the integrated back panel and arm, giving a continuous aspect on edge and surface.

Designed by Lee Changgon of PATRA

Contact: Changgon Lee -


Allsteel Clarity

Allsteel Clarity is a series of guest and lounge seating with a timeless, adaptable and versatile design. The series has a wide range of potential applications, from lobby and lounge to conference room, collaborative space, workstation or private office. The aesthetic is restrained, enabling the functionality to become the focus, yet it is emphatically, intuitively and instantly comfortable.

Designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

Contact: Jackie Jones -



Suitable for both public and private spaces, Windowseat is a lounge chair that blurs the boundary between furniture and architecture. The architectural elements applied to Windowseat explore the idea of a sub-architectural space by creating a room-within-a-room and provides a comfortable refuge from the chaos of lobbies, airports or open office environments.

Designed by Mike Simonian and Maaike Evers of Mike & Maaike

Contact: Adam Russo -