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Coalesse Vecta Akira tables

Akira is a collection of tables that can be used singularly or ganged together for teams, training environments or other active, dynamic spaces. Its design features a folding top that flips up or down to allow sets of tables to nest together for storage. Various sized and shaped tops and joining pieces, as well as cable management and other options, allow large training facilities to be set up in numerous configurations.

Contact: Katie Clark: Credit: IDEO Client: Coalesse

The Next Generation Perkins/APH Mechanical Braille Writer

This mechanical Braille typewriter is lighter, smaller and quieter, and requires less key force than its predecessor. A user creates the six dots that form a Braille character by activating the six main front keys: Braille letters and numbers are embossed on the paper loaded into the machine.

Contact: Tanya Sillitti: Credit: Sona Patadia, IDSA, Lisa Yanz, Linda Pulik, David Carhart, Bjorn Gunderson and Stanislav Dmitriyev of Product Development Technologies; and David Morgan and Jude Jonas of Perkins School for the Blind/Perkins Products Client: Perkins School for the Blind/Perkins Products

cobi™ chair

This chair arose as a response to collaborative environments and new working methods: team meetings and periods of concentrated sitting. A flexible platform that supports a wide demographic through self-adjusting features was paramount. For instance, a rocking mechanism adjusts to people’s center of gravity, not their weight.

Contact: Luke Pearson: Credit: PearsonLloyd (United Kingdom) and Steelcase Design Studio Client: Steelcase Inc.

Teneo® Storage Furniture

Teneo® is a storage system for everything that doesn’t fit on your computer: books, papers, files, other technology devices, personal items. The system’s 20 parts can be combined to make more than 80 products, including credenzas, easels, lecterns, book and project carts and supply islands.

"Outstanding! Teneo starts with deep user understanding and design thinking, incorporates strong environmental benefits, and is finished off with a simple, inviting aesthetic. Add a smart modular design where 20 parts can create over 80 products, and this is a winner."

--Michael Kitz, vice president of brands and product development, OfficeMax

Contact: Susan Koole: Credit: Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck of Birsel + Seck Client: Herman Miller, Inc.

OXO Good Grips Office Products for Staples

OXO Good Grips Office Tools for Staples is a line of office products designed to make everyday work tasks easier and more efficient. Bringing together a leader in office products and the leader in well-designed, ergonomic housewares, the new tools represent high function united with excellent usability. Incorporating the OXO Universal Design philosophy, the tools were designed to significantly improve the way people cut, staple, tape, organize, write, measure, attach and clip. Each product in the line advances the functionality of the tool while providing users with a more comfortable, efficient and simple experience doing the tasks they must do each day.

Contact: Mercedes Coats:

Credit: Anthony Di Bitonto, Agnete Enga, Anton Ljunggren, Przemeslaw Godycki, Jonathan Cedar, Vincent Faivre d`Arcier, Kirsten Climer and Mike Schumann of Smart Design; and Michael Patel Delevante of OXO for Staples, Inc.


NeatDesk is a high-speed scanning device and digital filing and organization system that enables people to scan receipts, business cards and documents separately or all at once, resulting in a de-cluttered desk and, more importantly, transforming disparate information into an organized, useable format.

Contact: Mercedes Coats:

Credit: Peter Michaelian, Allen Zadeh, Eric Freitag, Joern Vicari, Mark Prommel and Vincent Faivre d`Arcier of Smart Design, and Harris Romanoff, Kevin Garton, Les Spero and Rafi Spero of The Neat Company

Very Seating Family

Very is a light scale international seating family with a controlled and minimalistic design aesthetic. The design intent is to balance residential with office, craft with technology, and clean geometry with contour and comfort. Very promotes design adaptability and versatility with a measured and simple design language for a look that supports and compliments a broad range of interior applications. This seating line incorporates different materials, colors or styles to meet functional needs, create personality for the interior and support user preferences. This is also a true family of seating with four models - wire stacker, side stacker (non-recline), seminar chair and team conference chair.

“I congratulate Haworth for creating a price-sensitive seating family which utilizes the production facilities in offering different chairs for different purposes with a unified aesthetic.  The designer understood the changing demands and economic requirements of the office environment and used design to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of the range.”  --Stefanie Kubanek, Pentagram


Credit: Michael Welsh and Nicolai Czumaj-Bront of Haworth Design Studio, and Simon Desanta of Simon Desanta Industrial Design (Germany) for Haworth Inc.

LIM (Light in Motion)

LIM is a multi-purpose, multi-task LED light with elemental structure and multiple reconfigurations. It has a refined elegant design and a simple profile that can easily be machined and formed to perform different tasks for different needs. Its magnetic and pivot platform enable 180° rotation and easy adjustment. The small bases and attachment methods enable workspace flexibility. The occupant has flexibility in application, placement, intensity levels and attachment methods.

“I love LIM's elegant design. Its pure appearance is a result of using only the essential components without compromising LIM's functionality and applications. It is a great and convincing example of introducing long-lasting LED lighting technology into the office to create a better and more sustainable environment.”  --Stefanie Kubanek, Pentagram

Contact: Kevin Fales:

Credit: Pablo Pardo of Pablo Designs and Ralph Reddig of Haworth, Inc.

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

The SAYL chair offers a full-suspension back that is frameless. Different degrees of tension are infused directly into the injection-molded back material, giving users support where they need it and flex where they don’t. The arc of the suspension back also gives SAYL its unique shape. The elegant form easily slips into any space, giving a sense of visual lightness and transparency.

Credits: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Bret Recor, Qin Li, Naoya Edahiro, Matt Swinton and Noah Murphy- Reinhertz of fuseproject for Herman Miller Inc.

Contact: Melissa Guthrie:

media:scape with HD videoconferencing

While most videoconferencing environments are formal meeting spaces with little emphasis on team collaboration, media:scape with HD videoconferencing encourages engagement and the exchange of information among all participants. It was designed to create a simple walk-up and connectexperience to help workers engage quickly, share information seamlessly and increase productivity.

Credits: IDEO in partnership with Steelcase Design

Contact: Katie Hasse: