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Carvey is a remarkably easy to use, tabletop 3D carving machine for a wide range of makers and design professionals—from artists and teachers to architects and engineers. Its beautiful, clean, understated aesthetic is designed to be something that you would want to put on your desk. Carvey is the next step in 3D manufacturing—giving the user the power of making ideas into real objects, right from the desktop.

Designed by: Dave Seal, Scott Wilson, IDSA and Keith Alsberg of MNML; and Zach Kaplan, IDSA and Bart Dring of Inventables

Contact: Zach Kaplan, IDSA


Exclave™ is a suite of office prodcuts that features a wall-mounted rail system hosting tackboards, whiteboards and writeable, tackable eco-boards that can be stacked and repositioned easily. Mobile whiteboard carts can transport boards and delineate space for impromptu collaborative events. Rail-mounted media tiles host digital content and videoconferencing equipment.  A unique series of tables allow people to see each other—and content—improving team engagement. Rounding out the solution—storage elements and accessories that house essential tools in predictable locations.

Designed by: Gianfranco Zaccai, John Costello, Mark Bates and Alex Broerman of Continuum, LLC for Herman Miller Inc.

Contact: Allison Ryder

ID Frame

ID FRAME is neither a new idea nor a fancy design. An ID card holder is an essential item that employees take everywhere and that represents the company. But a well-designed custom-made ID card holder is typically too expensive for small companies. ID FRAME makes a well-designed high-quality ID card holder a possibility for all companies regardless of size.

Designed by: Myungsup Shin, Youngin Koh, Hyun Lee, Dajung Hyun, Sungwoo Goh


Harbor Work Lounge

The Harbor Work Lounge is a contemporary hybrid seating solution, combining task and lounge seating that balances form and function. The Harbor Work Lounge was designed to complement all the different ways of working by enabling people to work where they want, how they want and with the tools they need to complete their work. 

Designed by Nicolai Czumaj-Bront of Haworth Design Studio 

Contact: Adam Russo -



NOMADO is a mobile, stackable desk system with integrated shelves, storage compartments, electric outlets and task lighting. With surfaces folded up, it forms a flat vertical structure that can be stacked in order to save space. The unit is surrounded by a protective aluminum frame and features a work surface with a soft-touch material.

Designed by Martin Ballendat of Design Ballendat for MOBICA+

Contact: Martin Ballendat -


Leitz Icon Smart Label Printer

The Leitz Icon smart label printer is a compact and portable adhesive label printer for consumer and business use. It makes adhesive and nonadhesive labels for a variety of purposes, including shipping, personal organization and inventory management. It synchronizes wirelessly with any computer, tablet or smartphone. The label rolls are sold as separate consumables and are made of compostable paper pulp.

Designed by Dan Harden, IDSA, Chris Whittall, IDSA, Ari Turgel, Zack Stephanchick and Matt Taylor of Whipsaw Inc. for Esselte Corp.

Contact: Dan Harden -


Tippi Micro Gel Grips

Tippi Micro Gel Grips are simple devices that provide a simple benefit: fingertip coverings that enhance performance during repetitive and tedious tasks, such as paper handling and sorting, scrapbooking and archiving. These small, colorful rubber grips are worn on the fingertips. Designed to outperform existing products, they liven up tasks and bring a ray of fun into a mundane product landscape.

Credits: Peter Bristol, IDSA
Client: VWP Inc.
Contact: Peter Bristol, IDSA:


LINK LED task lamp

This task lamp puts the right light right where you need it. A concentrated array of 15 high-power LEDs provides a brighter light output than most other lamps in this category. Its 180-degree movement allows precise adjustability without taking up valuable work space. And its ultra-slim profile, its smooth bright details and colorful soft finishes reflect today’s electronic age.

Contact: Peter Stathis:

Credit: Peter Stathis of Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

Steelcase i2i

The i2i chair—named for the eye-to-eye engagement it encourages—is at the intersection of task and lounge chairs. It provides long-term comfort through automatic and intuitive adjustments, and supports a variety of postures with simple mechanisms and pliant structures. Visually striking and elegant, the chair is instantly appropriate a wide demographic.

Contact: Katie Clark: Credit: IDEO Client: Steelcase

Steelcase Amia chair

Amia is a mid-priced task chair designed for long hours of sitting in office and home workspaces. Despite its simple aesthetic, Amia provides advanced seating comfort through a smartly engineered interior. A height-adjustable system of wire flexors provides continuous lower back support. The seat also contours to the body with a flexible seat edge to relieve pressure on the back of the legs.

Contact: Katie Clark: Credit: IDEO Client: Steelcase