The open office has arrived at an inflection point. The promise of free collaboration and transparency made by an open plan is wonderful. However, time and again we have seen how increased density and the lack of privacy alienate individuals and create an increasing sense of discontentment with their workstations. C9 is a furniture system that addresses this problem. To imagine a new workstation system, the design team studied enclosure, openness, and the way they influence personal well-being. To find a solution, they went off the grid. C9 departs from the restrictions of traditional linear planning, freeing space, improving sight lines, and helping people to flow more organically. This solution was created with innovations in height-adjustable desking; flexible power, voice, and data delivery; and a collection of thoughtfully curated accessories and storage elements. These elements support one another to create an environment that matches the needs of the modern office worker.

Designed by: Ethan Pearl (in-house designer) and Morten Nikolajsen (MOHONI Studio) for Watson Furniture Group

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