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Compose Echo

Coming back to the office is different and the open plan should be too. Compose Echo is the workspace deconstructed. It is a human-centric collection of products designed for the individual workstation as well as collaborative areas. Compose Echo offers unique elements like a table tether, a tablet markerboard, and onboard storage with accessories. It enables cohesive layers of performance, both vertically and horizontally, with the freedom to move in between. Echo is one of the solutions for the office of now designed for highly collaborative and complex work, which is ideally done from the office both in hybrid and full-time settings.

Designed by: Haworth Design Studio

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AERIE is a sofa series that can be used in various ways, from a private space using a single-person module to a public space where several people can gather. It fits any type of space, from a classic space to a free and comfortable casual space, depending on the composition. It can provide a private meeting space closed off from the surroundings and a communication space out in the open—all based on the height of the backrest. A creative layout suitable for each space can be arranged depending on the combination of components.

Designed by: Jaekyung Jeong, Minjeong Jeong, Soohyun Chung, Hyungjoon Park of FURSYS inc. and Anderssen & Voll design studio

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Routes is a toolbox for a new “workplay” paradigm. It is an assembly of products that departs from traditional contract furniture and introduces a sense of play into the work world. It consists of desks, tables, chairs, soft seating, screens, and accessories. Each component delivers a bold design language driven by a refined utility without compromising comfort by fastidiously applying this economy of means to all the collection’s pieces. The collection is readily adaptable to spaces big and small, to the requirements of an established enterprise, and to the needs of those who work at home, supporting the evolving definition of the workplace.

Designed by: Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd of PearsonLloyd for Teknion

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U50 series

The U50 Series is a chair that fills any space, from an office to a library, with a vibrant and lively atmosphere through its sensible design and various color compositions.

Designed by: Ban Haesung and Lee Youngjin of bestuhl Co., Ltd.

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Double Scissors

Left-handed people live in a right-handed world. More than 90% of the scissors in the world are specifically designed for right-handed users. Trying to adapt to a pair right-handed of scissors is not a reasonable solution for lefties. Double scissors is a pair of double-edged scissors that accommodates both left-handed and right-handed users. You need only switch the direction of the blade. Double scissors challenges the notion that we need separate products. If both left- and right-hand users can use the same pair of scissors, it not only improves the versatility of scissors but better serves left-handed people and creates a more inclusive environment.

Designed by: Ren Peng of Shenzhen explore home Industrial Design Co., Ltd

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Collective Conscious

Collective Conscious features four textiles that reflect people’s adjustment to a slower, more connected life. Grid State, a postconsumer biodegradable polyester textile, advances the conversation around sustainability. Scale Factor references the senses through the visual, acoustical, and tactile, giving the eye much-needed expansion in response to increased screen time. From fiber to finish, Crossgrain’s dense, textural character was developed for multipurpose use on upholstery, acoustical panels, wrapped walls, and screens. Gaze is a soft, double-sided sheer drapery that is all about spatial integration. It combines clever color play with renewable fibers.

Designed by: Suzanne Tick of Luum Textiles

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Sitting for a long time without exercise can cause cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. American scientific research institutions have found that intermittent exercise (for example, every half an hour) can reduce the harm caused by sedentary lifestyles. Fitter is a 360-degree chair leg that causes people to inadvertently exercise by twisting their body as they work, thereby reducing the harm of sitting for long periods. 

Designed by: Lei Liu, Chujun Li, Fei Han and Zhixi Li of HengLin Home Furnishings Co.

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Pergola is a freestanding architectural workspace designed to support new ways of working. It creates spaces where people can get away to collaborate, connect, create, and innovate. Pergola also supports people’s need to focus or restore—alone or together. Its inviting environments support a variety of workstyles, offering the customization desired in today’s workspaces. The unlimited options are achieved with a small collection of individual parts and pieces, allowing designers to easily specify their room size, degree of enclosure, function, and finishes.

Designed by: Patricia Urquiola of Studio Urquiola and Nathan Shedd of Haworth Design Studio

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LAY is a desk designed for the classroom with a focus on aesthetics and functionality. The edges of the desk are rounded off, lending a feeling of friendliness and softness. A modesty panel wraps around the desk to make the user feel cozy and snug. A pen tray, drawers, and purse hangers allow efficient use of storage space despite its compact size. Multiple desks can be linked together on all four sides to easily form a group layout and can be stacked for storage or when being moved.

Designed by: Kang Youngseok, Ban Haesung, and Lee Youngjin of bestuhl Co., Ltd.

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