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The D-series suite of office furniture offers a new approach to co-working that is faster and more informal while providing the privacy people expect now and then. 

Designed by: Sunon Design Team and Favaretto&Parters for Zhejiang Sunon Furniture Manufacture Co., Ltd.

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360-degree anti-breakage buffering mechanical pencil

This mechanical pencil features a vertical spring and horizontal elastic rubber ring to stabilize the lead for smooth writing. The Y-shape tip accommodates different writing styles and surfaces. 

Designed by: LiLi, Jian Kang and Yue Zhu of Shanghai M&G Stationery INC.

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Workplace Hub

Workplace Hub integrates the management of multifunctional printers, servers, and IT systems and increases the efficiency of people’s workstyle and the business’s operations.

Designed by: Masakazu Nagano, Yu Iritani, Masumi Ikeda of Human Experience Design Center for Konica Minolta, Inc. and Sabotage Design Ltd.

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bizhub C360i series (including bizhub C300i/C250i)

The bizhub C360i series of color multifunctional printers helps streamline people’s workflow. They offer high quality and performance, network connectivity, and simple operation for any user. 

Designed by: Masakazu Nagano, Hiroko Hirano, Ayane Iida, Yusuke Ikeda of Human Experience Design Center for Konica Minolta, Inc. and Sabotage Design Ltd.

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F.A.T10 Series

The F.A.T10 folding table can be configured to accommodate different situations such as meetings, one-on-one collaborations, and training sessions.

Designed by: Haesung Ban and Young Jin Lee of Bestuhl Co., Ltd.

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Scotch™ Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser

Welcome to the Clip & Twist, a new type of tape dispenser. It can go anywhere, clip to anything, and quickly transform any area into a space for doing projects. With the increase in open and remote workspaces, desks are shrinking, creating the need for a more compact tape dispenser that can be stored off the top of the desk. The lightweight design offers excellent portability, while the clip functionality allows the dispenser to be mounted on a variety of different surfaces. The dual-axis cutting arm delivers ultimate adjustability. Regardless of the surface it is clipped to, the arm can be adjusted to accommodate easy one-handed dispensing.

Designed by: 3M Design + 3M Scotch™ Team

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The open office has arrived at an inflection point. The promise of free collaboration and transparency made by an open plan is wonderful. However, time and again we have seen how increased density and the lack of privacy alienate individuals and create an increasing sense of discontentment with their workstations. C9 is a furniture system that addresses this problem. To imagine a new workstation system, the design team studied enclosure, openness, and the way they influence personal well-being. To find a solution, they went off the grid. C9 departs from the restrictions of traditional linear planning, freeing space, improving sight lines, and helping people to flow more organically. This solution was created with innovations in height-adjustable desking; flexible power, voice, and data delivery; and a collection of thoughtfully curated accessories and storage elements. These elements support one another to create an environment that matches the needs of the modern office worker.

Designed by: Ethan Pearl (in-house designer) and Morten Nikolajsen (MOHONI Studio) for Watson Furniture Group

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The LSAA Series of LED signs feature wireless data transfer and cable-less power docking. The series is particularly suited to building ultra-high-definition screens (4K/8K). The LED units can be composed and tailored into boundless creative forms from flat to curved planes and expanded to infinite sizes with no bezels. It allows both wall-mounting and free-standing installations to suit a variety of environments and purposes. The slim design with a thickness of only 44.9 millimeters, maximizes the use of space. With the wireless transmission technology, no cables are needed between units; they simply link together with their magnetic sides.

Designed by: Yong Ho Lee, Jung Yeon Hwang, He-Won Kihl and Chan Woo Park of LG Electronics

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Haworth Digital Knits

While knitting has been practiced for centuries, Haworth has applied the latest knitting technology, often found in the fashion industry, to office furniture and interiors. Embodying domestic warmth with high levels of performance and comfort, Haworth’s Digital Knits will give designers ultimate freedom to realize creative visions in client spaces. Applying digital knitting to furniture will shift the paradigm of specification, removing constraints and allowing designers to custom curate solutions for any client’s culture and brand. Debuting this innovation are knitted backs for Haworth’s three premium task chairs: Very, Zody, and Fern.

Designed by: Haworth Design Studio for Haworth, Inc.

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With the 55-inch D7 touch screen, video conferencing integrates with digital whiteboarding. A 4k wide-angle camera and 16 directional microphones provides an enhanced experience.

Designed by: Kent Zeng of DTEN

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