NAVER Hangeul Campaign: Hangeul Wall

Featured Finalist

Korea's leading portal NAVER offers users an uncountable amount of information written in Hangeul (Korean letters). However, Internet slang (including newly coined words, abbreviations and misused foreign words) that is created in real time in the online environment, including the Internet and messaging, interferes with the delivery of accurate information and severs communication between generations and groups while degrading the values of the beautiful Hangeul letters. NAVER has continuously promoted the beauty and preciousness of Hangeul with the Hangeul Campaign since 2008. In 2014, NAVER held the Hangeul Wall campaign in order to awaken people to the seriousness of using Internet jargon and promote the importance of using Hangeul correctly.

Designed by: Marketer Lee Su-kyung, Kwon hyo-won, Bu Bo-kyung, Ha Ji-hyun, - BX Designer Jang Tae-kyung, Yang Seung-duck, Kim in-yop -ISO Designer Yoon Mu-yeong, Lee Sang-min, Lee Dam-bi, Jang Dong-hwa, Jung Jae-eun, Song Cheol-Wook, Kim Hee-kyung, Kim Yong-hwan, Kim Yoon-jung of NAVER Corp.