Medical & Scientific Products

Steth Reflex Hammer

Client: Homunculus, Inc.

The Stethoscope Reflex Hammer is a simple device that snaps around the chest piece of a stethoscope to create a reflex hammer. The intended users are doctors performing general exam on patients. Previously, doctors would have to carry both a stethoscope and a reflex hammer with them at all times. The reflex hammer needs weight and is, therefore, heavy and bulky to carry--typically sticking awkwardly out of lab coat pockets. The challenge was to design a reflex hammer attachment that would not interfere with the stethoscope's vital function and would fit various stethoscope models.

Contact: Aaron Rollins, MD.,
Homunculus, Inc.,
USA (216)832-7905,

Credit: Homunculus, Inc.; PharmaDesign Inc

LumiPhase LED System

Client: Opusmed, Canada

The LumiPhase is a new generation LED system for dermatologist's use in skin rejuvenation, using light to stimulate collagen production. Current competitive products have limited head positionning movement, use different LED technology and show limited results. The design team worked with Opusmed engineers to develop a unique optical positionning system that ensures optimal distance between the LED and the skin. Optical positionning is achieved by simply following the optical distance gauge's easy-to-follow, "real time" instructions on the LCD screen of the device.

Contact: Mario Gagnon, IDSA,
Alto Design inc., Canada,
(514) 278-3050,

Credit: Alto Design inc., Canada


Client: Aerocrine AB, Sweden

The NIOX MINO addresses several drawbacks found in generally accepted chemiluminescence analyzers, used to monitor asthma patients' nitric oxide (NO) levels. The hand-held device is attractive and encourages the use of NO measurements. The measurement is done by a non-invasive, quick and repeatable method. NIOX MINO is to be used by medical professionals in clinics and in primary care for monitoring adult and pediatric patients. Ultimately, it could also be used by a patient at home for monitoring of their NO status.

Contact: Elisabeth Ramel - Wåhrberg,
Ergonomi Design AB, Sweden,
0046 8 50667200,

Credit: Ergonomi Design AB, Sweden

ProPlus 2450 Scale, Health o meter Professional

Client: Pelstar, LLC.

The ProPlus scale was designed as a transportable and easy-to-operate wheelchair scale intended for special needs or wheelchair-bound patients. If the patient is in a remote location, the physician or nurse delivers the scale, unfolds the ramps, sets the control panel in a desired location, and wheels the patient onto the scale. An accurate weight reading is taken by four electric pods located underneath the wheelchair ramps. The control panel has a 2.75-inch by 1.5-inch LCD and a user-friendly membrane switch keypad. Additionally, two serial ports and one USB are included to facilitate communication between the scale and a PC or other accessories.

Contact: Missy Gustafson,
Cesaroni Design, USA,
(847) 724-8840,

Credit: Cesaroni Design; Pelstar, LLC

Dionex ICS-3000 ion chromatography machine

Client: Dionex

The Dionex ICS-3000 is an Ion Chromatography machine, used to separate and identify the chemical makeup of any liquid, gas, or solid matter sample. The design solution is a system of like-sized machines that work together as an integrated system. All doors open easily and have smoothly integrated handles, which will not snag on hoses or lab coats. Door that remain open sometimes are designed to look good in the open and closed position by mating with either the bottom sample port or the top control panel. The ICS-3000 solution has an internal hose raceway to neatly manage hoses that were always in the way in the past. Sales for the current quarter were $74.2 million, an increase of 13 percent compared with the same period last year.

Contact: Tom Keegan, IDSA,
Whipsaw, USA,
408 297 9771,

Credit: Whipsaw

Scholl Arch Supports

Client: SSL AustraliaL

The Scholl Gel Arch Supports are commercially available adjustable orthotics designed for people with collapsed arches, a common problem that affects the orientation of the foot relative to the leg. The principal functions of the Arch Supports are to provide support to fallen arches and to provide shock absorption to the heel area, longitudinal arch and metatarsal areas. The first to offer an integrated adjustable support system, the Scholl Gel Arch Support has set a new standard in commercially available orthotics. And it retails for a fraction of the cost of custom-made orthotics.

Contact: Justin McCarthy,
Bayly Design, Australia,
+61 3 9894 2622,

Credit: Bayly Design, Australia;

Zenon ZeeWeed® 1000 v3 Municipal Water Filtration System

The Zenon Zeeweed® 1000 v3 is a municipal drinking water filtration system. The new design introduces a number of advances over earlier generations, which were difficult to install, maintain and operate. A modular design approach allows the filtration units to be assembled into cassettes of varying dimensions that are able fit into virtually any size tank. Each module is easily inserted into or removed from the cassette by sliding it, like a book into a bookcase, by means of two handles that pivot out to release a locking mechanism. Aesthetic components add a strong identity and technologically advanced character to the product. The large transparent shrouds on either side of the module demystify how the membrane technology works and further reinforce the Zenon identity, while the scalloped surface of the modular elements evoke air bubbles rushing to the surface of water. The handles, placed at the upper and lower recesses of the module, frame the Zenon logo in their center. The design also reduced production costs by approximately 20 percent.

Contact: Miles Keller,
MKDA Inc., Canada,
416 466 7070,

Credit: MKDA Inc, Canada; Zenon Environmental Inc., Canada

Allura Xper FD10 + FD20 Flat Detector Systems

Client: Royal Philips Electronics

The new Allura Xper models are used in both diagnostic and interventional procedures in the vascular and mixed cardiovascular fields. Patients benefit from the design's open architecture as well as the BodyGuard patient protection mechanism, which senses the patient's location and prevents collisions. For clinicians, a faster diagnosis is possible with the integrated user interface, including live images, patient data, system-generated data, geometry settings, clinical image-processing controls and exam data. Procedure time is significantly reduced with the fast-moving, ceiling-suspended C-arm stand, which can take all angles and types of images without ever having to move the patient. Together, the products and their unique interface open up new dimensions in image quality, efficiency and clinical performance.

Contact: Annemieke Fröger,
Philips Design, Netherlands,

Credit: Philips Design

Medtronic M4 Microdebrider

Client: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

The Straightshot M4 is a microdebrider-a surgical handpiece used by ear, nose and throat surgeons as a cutting tool for the removal of tissue such as polyps during nasal sinus surgery. The new design addresses several shortcomings with existing products and offers significantly improved intraoperative functionality. The Straightshot M4 is the first microdebrider with the ability to rotate the cutting blade without first removing the device from the nasal cavity. It is also the first microdebrider to use a finger-wheel control to rotate the cutting window at the tip of the instrument. Medtronic also wanted up-to-date styling that would not just look good, but would also optimize ergonomics and convey the same high quality and reliability that had come to be associated with their name. The silicone overmold enhances grip security and control as well as gives the tool a softer, less mechanical look. At the end of 2004, product sales were up 24 percent.

Contact: Julia Usher,
Metaphase Design Group, Inc., USA,
314-721-0700 x 122,

Credit: Metaphase Design Group, Inc.

Canon CXDI-50G Digital Radiography Device

Client: Canon Inc., Japan

The CXDI-50G is leading the industry as the first portable large-format digital x-ray device. Its portability and digital output, versus traditional film, allows x-rays to be taken anywhere and the operator to confirm the results on a display within three to five seconds. For patients, the unit provides minimal resistance to the body, allowing them to be examined in comfort. The unit's soft shape also eases tension during medical examinations. Operators can transport the unit easily due to the large handle and the design keeps damage to a minimum, should the unit be dropped. Its simple and clean appearance contributes to an organized healthcare environment while blending in naturally with any combination of peripherals from other manufacturers.

Contact: Design Center,
Canon Inc., Japan,

Credit: Design Center, Canon Inc., Japan