Medical & Scientific Products

Sof-TactTM Integrated Alternate-Site Blood Glucose Testing Meter

Client: Abbott Labs, Medisense Products

Sof-TactTM uses a miniature air pump to draw blood from a small puncture from sites such as the forearm, upper arm, or the base of the thumb-as opposed to typical fingertip test sites-for diabetes testing. Blood is drawn into a newly formulated test strip, achieving accurate test results. When lancet and test strip are loaded into unit, it can be used up to eight hours later. Test results are available fast and accurate on the unit's LCD screen. Unit also features an external port where users can insert traditional finger-stick test strips if desired. The product creates a unique point of difference in the competitive diabetes management tool marketplace.

Contact: David A. Demar, IDSA,
IDI/Innovations & Development, Inc.,

Credit: IDI/Innovations & Development, Inc. and Abbott Labs, Medisense Products

Contaminant Air Proceessing SystemTM (CAPSTM)

Solution goes above and beyond U.S. Air Force's present decontaminate system, consisting of 1,055 individual components and fitting in two 7x4x4 containers, the system can be set up without tools. The unit can be set up in an area as small as a basketball court and is environmentally friendly, because the system collects contaminants and cleansing solutions. Air Force tests showed CAPS processed personnel 255% faster and decreased contamination transfer rate by 87%. Graphics and signage are straightforward and clean. CAPS is the Air Force's sole decontaminate system and is being tested by Homeland Security and NATO.

Contact: Lee Brillhart,
Survival, Inc.,
206.726.9363 x2900

Credit: Survival, Inc.

Joey Clamp and Cutter

Client: Maternus, Inc.

Single integrated device that replaces three separate instruments required for cutting and clamping a newborn child's umbilical cord. It performs both the surgical cutting and the clamping procedure in one single-handed action, while attaching a friendly koala character to clamp the newborn's navel. Its single-handed ambidextrous design prevents bio-hazardous blood spray, clamps a wide range of umbilical cord shapes and is simple enough for lay people to use. Product exceeds all the cost and efficacy requirements of the two major sales channels: physicians and hospitals.

"The designers have captured the emotional element of childbirth in a functional surgical tool. The Joey Clamp minimizes the use of "cold" steel surgical instruments and humanizes the miracle of life. It's the best looking surgical product I've seen in a long time." -Mark Steiner, IDSA, Principal, Steiner Design Associates.

Contact: Philip Leung, IDSA,
Design Edge, Inc.,

Credit: Design Edge, Inc. and Maternus, Inc.

IsoliteTM Dryfield Illuminator

Client: Isolite Systems

The IsoliteTM Dryfield Illuminator fully illuminates a patient's mouth from the inside out making it easier for dentists to see and work. A thermo-plastic clear elastomer is formed into a soft structural mouthpiece that allows transmission of light, retraction of the tongue and cheek, a built-in provision for bite block and continuous aspiration from the oral cavity. Because of hygiene issues, the mouthpiece is disposable. One-piece injection molding kept cost low.

"The product addresses a common technical problem with a logical and simple solution; bring the light source to where it's needed most, inside the mouth. And to combine retraction and aspiration into the same product makes the Isolite product a clear winner. I think most people will agree that an instrument that reduces the time spent to complete a dental procedure is worth its weight in gold." -Mark Steiner, IDSA, Principal, Steiner Design Associates.

Contact: James A. Hirsch, IDSA,
Desmar Product Design,

Credit: Desmar Product Design and Barker Design Group

HeartStart Home Defibrillator

The HeartStart Home Defibrillator is the first automatic external defibrillator to receive FDA clearance specifically for use in the home. Centered on creating an easy-use, step-by-step interface that could be used by virtually anyone to help save a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The steps are simple and intuitive; voice prompts help the user continue with the procedure, even reminding them to call emergency help. In addition to adult pads, infant/child pads are included.

"The designers took the frightening procedure of shocking the heart and simplified the process in an intuitive unit with easy to read graphics and simple voice prompts. Of the various defibrillators on the market, the Philips unit successfully captures a utilitarian, easy-to-use aesthetic. In the home or in a police car, this unit will save many lives before EMT personnel arrive." -Mark Steiner, IDSA, Principal, Steiner Design Associates

Contact: Kurt Fischer, IDSA,
Philips Medical Systems-Heartstream,

Credit: Philips Medical Systems - Heartstream

Genotropin Pen

Client: Pfizer, Sweden

Children who need growth hormone injections can use this attractive device to administer doses themselves. It is the first such product that can be personalized with a charm and/or a lanyard and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The design also features an easily viewed display.

  • Used product can be sent back to manufacturer for recycling.

Contact: Hans Himbert,
Ergonomidesign AB, Sweden

Credit: Ergonomidesign AB, Sweden

Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump

This breast pump was designed to use Natural Expression technology, the only research-based breast pump technology that mimics a baby's nursing rhythm. Designed to feel and function as comfortably as natural breastfeeding, the device starts in a rapid suckling to initiate rapid milk flow. Once flow begins, the mother switches to a slower suckling to optimize flow. The ergonomic handle swivels for easy positioning and the pump is compatible with most standard baby bottles, making disposable bags unnecessary.

  • The unit has SoftFit breast shield for more comfort.

Contact: Tanya Sillitti,
Product Development Technologies, Inc,

Credit: Product Development Technologies, Inc and Medela

Lifeline AED

Client: Defibtech, LLC

This automated external defibrillator (AED), a normally intimating medical device, is simple and attractive both to first responders and non-medical personnel. The simple, two-button operation, aided by concise voice instructions, makes the unit intuitive to use. The direct form is appropriately resolved. A graphically treated pouch adds to the visual appeal.

Contact: Donna Grajauskas,
Defibtech, LLC,
203.453.6654 x27,

Credit: Defibtech, LLC; BSC Engineering and Ideaz

Biology Camera Head and CPU

Client: SciMeasure

This device connects a powerful Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) to microscopes or macroscopes and transmits images to a PC, where they are recorded. Varying custom needs yielded multiple configurations of CPU boards and camera head boards. The company required a single modular, expandable and universal solution to house various cameras and CPUs. The CPU is constructed by stacking circuit boards on top of one another. The circuit board is connected to a flat carrier board, which is sandwiched by taller risers. The entire construction plugs into a main board at the bottom.

  • The number of cables and connectors has been reduced from 14 to 2.

  • Loosening torx bolts on the front of the camera allows the manufacturer to move the opening to adjust the center of the CCD.

  • Manufactured appearance attracts more attention.

Contact: Mark McJunkin, Product M,

Credit: Product M and SciMeasure

BriteSmile 3000PB Teeth-Whitening System

An articulated, counterbalanced arm optimizes patient comfort and allows for a compact, maneuverable device, which is a necessity in often-cramped dentists' offices. The system is a complete self-contained unit, which protects both the delicate lighting technology and the safety of the patient and operators.

  • A precision light source activates whitening chemicals applied to customers' teeth.

  • When folded, the arm collapses into the main body of the machine, making it compact enough for storage under a counter or in a corner.

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Credit: IDEO and BriteSmile, Inc