Medical & Scientific Products

CyberCare EHC2000

Client: Cybercare Inc.

The basic concept is revolutionary and the simple straight-forward interface design is made for a user population that is not computer friendly. The EHC 2000 allows users to access healthcare resources and advice 24 hours a day as well as videoconference with their care provider. The unit enables users to collect and transfer vital signs data via telecommunications.

Contact: Steven J. Meister, IDSA,
Big Design,

Credit: Big Design, Inc. and Cybercare Technologies

BMT Anscore Health Management System

Client: Boston Medical Technologies

A clean design for new technology separates the Anscore Health Management System from other bulky lab products. It is a non-invasive, easy to perform heart rate variability test for use in physician offices. The physician performs the test, the raw data is sent electronically to Boston Medical Technologies where a sophisticated algorithm program crunches the data and sends back the results to the physician in minutes.

Contact: Chloe Beirne,
Product Genesis,

Credit: Product Genesis, Inc., Design Continuum and Boston Medical Technologies

ABIOMED AbioCorTM Surgical Console

Client: Abiomed, Inc.

A good interface for a revolutionary product makes the AbioCor Surgical Console an easy-to-use supportive component in the AbioCor Replacement Heart System. The console is used to monitor and control the function of the AbioCor implantable heart system before, during and after implantation.

Contact: Brian Clemens,
Logic Product Development,

Credit: Logic Product Development and Abiomed, Inc.

U.S. Genomics Gene Engine Alpha DNA Analyzer

Client: U.S. Genomics

The product looks monolithic and important as the task it is describing. The outer design is beautiful and simple. The Gene Engine Alpha is used in academic research labs by trained molecular biologists. The unit analyzes DNA molecules optically, using five onboard lasers to identify markers and map more of the molecule in a single test.

Contact: Ed Milano,
Design Continuum,
(617) 928-9501;

Credit: Design Continuum

OptiGo Portable Cardiac Ultrasound

Client: Philips Medical Systems

All of the parts are well integrated in the OptiGo and the whole product was well conceived and executed. OptiGo is a battery-operated device, allowing physicians to use an ultrasound to diagnose cardiac disease during a routine medical examination.

Contact: Bryan Hotaling
Product Insight, Inc.,
978-264-4450 x23;

Credit: Product Insight, Inc. and Philips Medical Systems

Multiple Organ Therapy Device

Client: Organ Recovery Systems

The design transforms clutter into a clean unit. The Multiple Organ Therapy Unit provides therapy and diagnostics for human kidneys awaiting transplant. The instrument is intended to increase the number of kidneys available for transplant by offering therapy-through a process of perfusion-to those organs that initially fail to meet transplant criteria.

Contact: Russell Kroll, IDSA,
Formation Design Group,

Credit: Formation Design Group, Organ Recovery Systems and JW Finelines Inc.

AutoDoseTM Infusion System

Client: Tandem Medical Inc

Designed as a low-cost, simple to use product to free the patient from multiple health care facility visits, the Tandem AutoDose is an infusion therapy, automating the intermittent drug infusion protocols, such as chemotherapy, antibiotics and biotech drugs. The AutoDose can be used in the home setting, allowing patients untethered mobility while receiving treatments.

Contact: Marc I. Drucker, IDSA,
Tiax LLC,
(617) 498-6411;

Credit: Tiax LLC and Tandem Medical Inc.

AncureTM Endograft

Client: Guidant Corp.

The product is a wonderfully articulated object where every piece seems to speak about its function. The whole device was well thought out and all the steps for a successful surgery have been envisioned. The Ancure Endograft System is used to treat abdominal aortic aneurysm without traditional surgical techniques. The medical device uses a catheter to insert a sheath through the femoral artery in the leg.

Contact: Loren D. Stirling, IDSA,
Stirling Design,

Credit: Stirling Design and Guidant Corp.

Terabeam Window Attenuation Meter (WAM)

Client: Terabeam

Even though it's a highly technical device, the product is cleanly design with good form and well made for its application. The Terabeam Window Attenuation Meter allows a user to measure window attenuation without access to both sides of a window.

"The Terabeam Window Attenuation Meter is an outstanding embodiment of innovative and sophisticated technology that compliments TeraBeam's family of cutting edge optical transceivers. The designers achieved a unique and communicative form and integration of a simplified user set-up and interface within low-volume manufacturing constraints."- Meg Hetfield, IDSA

Contact: John Barratt, IDSA,

Credit: TEAGUE and Terabeam

SpeedBlocksTM Head Immobilizer

Client: Laerdal Medical Corp.

The SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer is an evolutionary innovative design for use by EMTs. It is a hybrid re-useable or disposable device that is pre-mounted to a backboard. The adjustable blocks allow emergency workers to safely immobilize a victim's head, thus decreasing spinal trauma during transport.

"Speed Blocks replace the sloppy, ineffective alternative of simply using large foam blocks, secured by surgical tape. The product is very easy to use and well designed. To my knowledge, nothing like it exists in the emergency-care marketplace." - Stephen B. Wilcox, Ph.D., FIDSA

Contact: Jim Traut, IDSA,
Laerdal Medical Corp.,

Credit: Laerdal Medical Corp. and Machineart Corex