Medical & Scientific Products

Infiniti Rollator

Client: Dana Douglas Inc., Canada

Physicians who had been requesting additional features and benefits from DanaDouglas rollators won their say with the new Infiniti line of wheeled walkers. A cable-less braking feature eliminates the threat of getting the cable caught on door handles and a basket was added that can be tucked away underneath the seat.

Contact: Sarah Dobbin,
Hallgrimsson Product Development,

Designers: Hallgrimsson Product Development, Canada

Arrow Stand

More compact than other models, this operating room stand also gives cardiologists more flexibility to arrange their own workstations. It doesn't just support the device used to assess cardiac capacity, it supports a complete surgical procedure. The stand also functions as a checklist because its configuration highlights any missing components.

Contact: Glenn Polinsky, IDSA,

Designers: Modo, Inc.

LightSpeed Plus

The GE LightSpeed Computed Tomography (CT) scanner has set the benchmark for multi-slice CT technology. First introduced in 1998, the LightSpeed QX/i was the world's first four-slice, multi-slice CT scanner. The LightSpeed Plus, which is one of the 2000 IDSA silver award winners, continues this legacy with even greater results. By integrating Design for Six Sigma methodologies into LightSpeed's engineering and design specifications, GE Medical Systems has delivered more multi-slice CT systems than any other vendor. More than 1,000 LightSpeed scanners are currently installed in hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers worldwide.

Contact: Bill Radaj,
Americas Marketing Manager - CT,
(262) 785-5166,

Designers:GE Medical Systems, U.S. & Japan

Immersion Medical AccuTouch® Endoscopy Simulator

Client: Immersion Medical

Medical simulation is gaining wide acceptance as a way for physicians to gain experience without risk to the patient. Unlike other training mannequins, the PreOp communicates a straightforward and simple form while retaining just enough visual association with actual anatomy for the physician to identify patient position and attitude.

"The surrealistic combination of the real looking body parts, tactile feedback mechanism, and the digital virtual reality, helps the user make that leap of imagination necessary to learn the physical hand-eye coordination without bothering real patients." -Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA

Contact: Mario A. Turchi,
ION Design, LLC,
201.313.5553 ext. 21;

Designers: ION Design, LLC and Immersion Medical

East3 Thoughtcaster

Client: Attention Builders, LLC

The ultimate thinking cap, this helmet helps children with attention deficit problems increase their attention span without relying on drugs. The technology, which was originally developed by NASA to extend the attention spans of pilots, uses three sensors in the helmet, which touch the child's head and detect EEG or brain signals that are then wirelessly transmitted to a base station. Children control a proprietary computer bike or skateboard racing game hands-free by using their brainwaves.

"Easily one of the most remarkable products I've ever seen! The designers took a crude collection of wires and equipment and turned it into an amazingly exciting and accessible product. It's a serious learning tool that looks like a fun piece of sporting equipment!" -Jill Shurtleff, IDSA, The Gillette Company

Contact: Monty Montague,
IDSA, Bolt,

Designers: BOLT and Spark

Vistalab Ergonomic Pipette

Client: VistaLab Technologies

VistaLab is an industry leader with a 50% share of the marketplace for medical pipettes--laboratory liquid handling devices. In deciding to re-examine the pipette, Vistalab was changing a design that has not changed much since its invention. The new form factor, taking advantage of the latest technology, extensive ergonomic and field testing, increases productivity, speeds up research and, ultimately, results in a higher quality of medical support.

"Solid design work has resulted in a new product configuration that has the potential to improve the function on several levels. The friendly, soft form suggests its use clearly and is a nice contrast to the more technical look of typical lab equipment." -Clyde Foles, IDSA, Center for Creative Studies

Contact: Rob Veksler,
frog design,

Designers: frog design, inc.


Client: Alara, Inc.

Ergonomics and psychology were sculpted into this bone scanner to ease patient anxiety and ensure that osteoporosis is detected and treated early. The scanner's core technology is more environmentally friendly than are competing technologies. X-ray exposure to doctor and patient are greatly reduced and polluting film chemistry is eliminated.

"This is such a non-threatening, simple and ergonomic design. The hand stage is wonderful… a round rubber platen with finger grooves that splay the patient's digits into the correct posture for imaging. It feels like a warm hand shake!" -Bryce Rutter, IDSA, Metaphase

Contact: Diana Greenberg,
Bridge Design,
415.487.7100 ext 255;

Designers: Bridge Design and Alara, Inc.

SymphonyTM Graft Delivery System

Client: DePuy AcroMed Inc.

A successfully designed, disposable system that solves the health professions need for a simple bone graft system. The Symphony Graft Delivery System is a sterile device used by a nurse or surgeon in a surgical setting to create a biologically and mechanically enhanced bone graft for implantation in the closing stages of spinal fusion surgery.

Contact: Jeffrey Kapec, IDSA,
Tanaka Kapec Design Group, Inc.,

Credit: Tanaka Kapec Design Group, Inc. and DePuy AcroMed Inc.

SPX Genisys

Client: SPX Corp.

Very good detailing with a better than average interface in a handheld unit puts the Genisys ahead of most handheld automotive diagnostic device used by car repair technicians. The technician connects the appropriate cable to the unit and to the vehicle and accesses diagnostic information through the unit's LCD panel.

Contact: Mark Schoening, IDSA,

Credit: FUSE

LaerdalTM Inflate-A-ShieldTM CPR Barrier

Client: Laerdal Medical Corp.

The design is very intuitive and the steps to follow to use the product are incredibly easy to follow. Inflate-A-Shield is a pocket-sized barrier for use by anyone when administering CPR. The unit creates a sanitary protection and filters and directs the airflow, which prevents contamination passing between victim and rescuer.

Contact: Jim Traut, IDSA,
Laerdal Medical Corp.,

Credit: Laerdal Medical Corp., Applica Consumer Products, Inc. and Machineart Corex