Medical & Scientific Products

Medtronic Aquamantys®3 BSC 9.1 Bipolar Sealer with Cutting

The Medtronic Aquamantys3 electrosurgical tools use a combination of radiofrequency energy and saline, called Transcollation technology, to provide low-temperature blood vessel sealing. This controls bleeding without charring a patient’s soft tissue or causing irritating smoke for the surgeon and surgical staff.

Designed by Continuum for Medtronic

Contact: Gretchen Rice -


Senova pHit

The Senova pHit scanner is a handheld pH measurement device that uses a new smart sensor platform. The sensor is composed of a carbon substrate and coated with analyte sensing molecules. This allows it to accurately measure pH without the need for calibration or sensitive storage protocols between uses. Eliminating these procedures saves time and reduces errors.

Designed by Continuum for Senova Systems

Contact: Gretchen Rice -


SAM Medical Junctional Tourniquet

The SAM Medical Junctional Tourniquet combines the function of a pelvic sling with inflatable modular compression devices to stop bleeding in life-or-death situations. Smaller, lighter and less expensive than competing products, it’s also faster and easier to use. Successful application takes 25 seconds or less.

Designed by Niklas Gustafsson and Ichiang Sun of Ziba Design

Contact: Ayelet Katz -


Nautilus Endoscopic Stone Retrieval Instrument

Client: Annex Medical Inc.

Bilitz Design had its work cut out for it. Not only did it have to solve a particular problem with a delicate surgical procedure, but it had to develop a patentable device to distinguish its client from other competitors. Bilitz delivered on both counts with its injection-molded handle for the basket that is inserted through an endoscope to remove bile duct stones. This handle is lighter than any other on the market, which keeps it from kinking or bending the wire during transport. The designers also added a "spinner" which is a patentable feature that allows the surgeon to turn the basket inside the patient without having to turn the entire handle.

Contact: Mark R. Bilitz, IDSA,
Bilitz Design, Inc.,

Designers: Bilitz Design, Inc.

OptiView Integrated Network Analyzer

It looks like any other portable touchscreen computer, but packs the powerful test hardware of a rack mounted system. Human factors played a crucial part in the design of this laptop-sized network analyzer. Feedback from customers who had tested numerous models was incorporated into the development of a rectilinear flat form that was easy to carry and hold.

Contact: Wayne Hoofnagle, IDSA,
Fluke Networks, Inc.,

Designers: Fluke Networks, Inc.


Client: Siemens Medical Systems Inc., Ultrasound Group

This second generation low-cost, black and white ultrasound system introduces a modular architecture, which should make future upgrades easier and quicker. Adding two casters enhanced maneuverability in tight places and the four hooks behind the control panel help keep transducer cables off of the ground.

Contact: Dean Bidwell,
Siemens Medical,

Designers: Siemens Medical Systems Inc., Ultrasound Group

VIDAR® SIERRATM X-Ray/Film Digitizer

This x-ray scanner that digitizes films generated by radiology departments is the first film digitizer priced under $10,000. The new unit weighs only 15 lbs. versus 50-200 lbs. for other digitizers and is roughly one fifth of the overall volume of the next smallest competitive unit.

Contact: Peter W. Bressler, FIDSA,
Bresslergroup, Inc.,

Designers: Bresslergroup, Inc. and Vidar Systems

Nephros Renal Replacement Therapy System

Client: Nephros

Kidney dialysis is a life-saving procedure that takes up nearly 12 hours a week of a patient's life. The Nephros system shortens the session time while offering improved removal of harmful substances that are not removed in significant quantity by existing methods.

Contact: John Barratt, Teague,

Designers: TEAGUE, Plexus and Nephros

Waterpik Battery Powered Dental Flosser

Client: Waterpik Technologies, Inc.

Containers of floss continue to gather dust in medicine cabinets throughout this country as people refuse to perform the task that most dentists believe is more important than brushing. But the fact that sales of Waterpik's new electric flosser exceeded forecasts by 300 percent proves that people will floss if they're given an alternative method that's more comfortable and easier to use than string.

Contact: Greg Volan, IDSA,

Designers: Volan Design LLC

Mallinckrodt Breeze CPAP Mask

Client: Mallinckrodt

Sleep apnea sufferers are more likely to wear this smaller and less obtrusive mask that provides continuous positive airway pressure. Anchors at the top and rear of the device grasp the back of the head while a cantilever runs down the front of the face supporting the breathing apparatus.

Contact: Scott Underwood,

Designers: IDEO and Mallinckrodt