Medical & Scientific Products

NeoChord DS1000

The NeoChord DS1000 is a single-use hand-held medical device designed to enable doctors to perform minimally invasive mitral valve repair on the heart. Through a 2 or 3-inch incision, the NeoChord repairs damaged tendons while the heart is beating and deploys sutures for a streamlined repair.

Designed by Dan Darst, Lee Macklem, Eric Krause, Pete Madson and Bob Worrell of Worrell Design Inc.; John Zentgraf, John Seaberg and Arun Saini of NeoChord Inc.; and Dr. Giovanni Speziali and Dr. Richard Daly of Mayo Clinic

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Ion Proton™ Sequencer

The Ion Proton DNA Sequencer is designed to enable life sciences to affordably use DNA sequencing to understand hereditary diseases, expedite a cure for cancer and pioneer new medical discoveries. It features a compact design that can be used on the lab bench. Its unique use of semiconductor chip technology reduces sequencing time from days to hours.

Designed by Ravi Sawhney, Lance Hussey and Toshihiro Aya of RKS; Greg Lucier, Joseph Lee and Larry Trigg of Life Technologies Corp. for Life Technologies ™

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mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor

The mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor was designed to provide a simple and reliable way to remotely monitor a sensor-enabled insulin pump. It features audible alert settings and continuous alucose monitoring functionality with real-time insulin pump status updates, glucose data and trends.

Designed by Uli Rankers, Brad Enegren, Peter Hong, Rebecca Gottlieb, Kenny Long, Emil Istoc, Jino Han, Peter Schultz, David Choy, Steve Vargas, David Legray, Jose Ruelas, Taly Golan, Hiten Chawla and Lauren Peresutti of Medtronic Diabetes

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Liposonix Custom Contouring

The Liposonix Custom Contouring is an aesthetic device built on high-intensity ultrasound technology designed to remove stubborn fat cells for a slimmer and smoother physique. It works by targeting and destroying fat beneath the skin with ultrasound energy in a single one-hour treatment. The body naturally removes the destroyed fat within eight to 12 weeks.

Designed by Jeff Ladwig, Austin Porter, Travis Hosler and Josh Kornfeld of General Assembly for Solta Medical

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Sabi brings high design and good quality to the health and wellness market. The first product line includes eight fun and friendly products to aid in pill management for people of all ages. With discreet pill storage and on-the-go solutions, Sabi products make each interaction fun and special. The pill containers are made with BPA-free materials, bright colors and ergonomic designs for a user-friendly experience.

Designed by Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Bret Recor and Serge Beaulieu of fuseproject for Sabi

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Chatfield Walking Cane

The Chatfield Walking Cane, featured in the Globe and Mail  as "generating buzz," is functional and fashion-forward. It enables those with disabilities to be mobile and promotes a positive self-image. The cane has a soft silicone handle with a distinct upturned nose that is intuitive to hold and softens vibrations. The ergonomic grip also allows the cane to effortlessly rest against a wall or table for quick access. 

Designed by Matthew Kroeker, IDSA of Top & Derby

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Identica Blue

Identica Blue is a 3D dental scanner equipped with structured light systems that project a series of light patterns onto a target. Analyzing the distortion of patterns on the surface, the scanner is able to acquire the position of every point to form a single model. 3D scanning is an accurate method of transferring physical measurements of an object onto a computer.

Designed by MinSung Kwon of Korea University

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BeneView T1


The BeneView T1 is a patient monitor designed to meet the particular challenges of monitoring patients during transport. It features an ergonomic carrying handle and multiple mounting options and avoids time-consuming cable reconnection. Its advanced networking capability guarantees data continuity.

EYE DROP Applicator

This applicator was developed to make it easier for patients to apply eye drops, ensuring treatment is effective. Approximately 1 million people in Brazil have glaucoma, and for 90 percent of those cases, treatment relies on the correct application of their prescribed eye drops. The wave-like form of the applicator helps users to properly position the devise so that the drops make it into the eye.

Credits: Fernando Silva, Guilherme Lehto, Gustavo Camargo, Rafael Machado, Renata Pujol, Sidney Rufca, Tanna Gomide of Vanguard Design – São Paulo (Brasil)

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SenseWear Pro Armband

Client: BodyMedia Inc.

The design is non-threatening with a nice simple body-friendly attitude and it replaces numerous old devices. Worn on the upper arm, SenseWear Pro Armband is a multi-parameter monitor for collecting clinically accurate energy expenditure (caloric burn), sleep quality and activity state (sitting, driving, watching TV) in a free-living environment.

"This product is intelligent. Not only in what it does, but also in how it has been designed. As the developments of technology have advanced so much in recent years, it becomes more and more rare that one finds a revolutionary application. This is one of those." —Louise St. Pierre, IDSA


Chris Kasabach
BodyMedia Inc.
(412) 288-9901

Credit: BodyMedia Inc. and K-Development, Inc.