Medical & Scientific Products

Prime TC™ Transport Chair by Stryker / Michael Graves Design

The Prime T.C. by Michael Graves and Stryker Medical is an ergonomic wheelchair featuring obvious touchpoints for intuitive operation, including one-touch foot brakes that reduce strain and prevent injury to caregivers. Stand-assist armrests and flip-up footrests with swing-away functionality maximize access and reduce patient falls. The components are durable, easy to wipe down and power-washable.

Designed by Don Payerle, Essix Mitchell, Mike Gilligan, Ted Bloomfield, Kevin Patmore, Anish Paul, Will Childs and Steve Berman of Stryker Medical; Michael Graves, IDSA, Donald Strum IDSA, Rob Van Varick, IDSA and Bill Parcells of Michael Graves Design Group

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DURAN® YOUTILITY Laboratory Glass Bottle System

The DURAN® YOUTILITY Glass Laboratory Bottle System is made of a highly resistant glass with ergonomic handgrips and screw closures for safe handling even with bulky laboratory gloves. YOUTILITY bottles are available in four sizes: 125, 250, 500 and 1000 milliliters. Each bottle comes with self-adhesive labels and color-coded tags for easy organization.

Designed by Koop Industrial Design; DURAN Group; and Scheufele Hesse Eigler Kommunikation. 

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DECTRIS - PILATUS Hybrid Pixel Detectors

Dectris - PILATUS Hybrid Pixel Detectors perform direct detection of X-rays and achieve sharp quality signals. Based on a modular concept that uses a basic detector module multiple times in the same product, Dectris makes it possible for tailored equipment or upgrading of instruments for laboratory and industry applications, meeting specific user needs and budget requirements.

Designed by Raimund Erdmann, IDSA, Peter Hess, Hanspeter Kersten and Markus Cafadér of Erdmann Design

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Stryker - Surgical Navigation Platforms

Stryker - Surgical Navigation Platforms, consisting of three platforms, are guidance systems that assist surgeons by enabling the localization of instruments and the visualization of their position relative to medical images of the patient. The navigation camera arms have a wide range of motion, allowing flexible placement according to the needs of the user.

Designed by Raimund Erdmann, IDSA and Peter Hess of Erdmann Design

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ENSEAL® G2 Articulating Tissue Sealers

With ENSEAL® G2 Articulating Tissue Sealers, surgeons can cut and seal vessels up to 7 millimeters in diameter and lymphatics through a 5 millimeter port. The advanced-energy device bends, allowing perpendicular access to tissue in otherwise inaccessible parts of the body. Its articulating tip reduces the amount of tissue manipulation needed while increasing control of the angle of approach to vessels.

Designed by Enseal Articulation Team of Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc.

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EPIQ - Premium Ultrasound System

The EPIQ - Premium Ultrasound System was designed to revolutionize diagnostic ultrasound in radiology and cardiology settings. The system delivers ergonomics and portability, while the user experience has been reinvented to streamline clinical workflow and to make ultrasound imaging more intuitive. Consuming 25 percent less power than traditional premium ultrasound machines, EPIQ enables clinicians to handle complex clinical tasks simply.

Designed by Philips Design Healthcare Team 

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DJO Global Aircast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot

The Aircast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot features an integrated multipart air cell compression system that enables the patient to adjust each of three air cells independently for a truly customized support and fit. This inflation system has been designed for intuitive operation and adjustment, and provides for better overall recovery outcomes, reducing edema to relieve pain and speed healing.

Designed by Joe St. Cyr, Chris Loughnane, Zach Hastings, Derek Hugger, Bob Ketelhohn, Lee Panecki and Chris Aiston of Farm Design for DJO Global

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NeoNook - Neonatal Infant Care

NeoNook - Neonatal Infant Care is a groundbreaking care solution for preterm infants, providing both a physiologically beneficial environment and an improved system for delivering breathing assistance. NeoNook simulates the womb environment by simulating the comforting familiar biorhythms of the infant’s mother. The provision of CPAP is improved by enhancing the airflow seal, reducing pressure on the face and enabling easier cradling by parents during treatment.

Designed by Alastair Warren and Dawid Dawod of Umeå Institute of Design

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Medtronic POWEREASE®

The Medtronic POWEREASE system comprises electronic instruments designed specifically for spinal surgeries. Some surgical tasks require great strength to cut metal rods or break screws; others require delicate and repetitive hand, wrist and arm movements. POWEREASE minimizes the forces transmitted to the patient compared with previous traditionally accepted techniques. 

Designed by Medtronic with IDEO

Contact: Andrea Stangarone -


PERSONA® Surgical Instruments for Total Knee Arthroplasty

The PERSONA Surgical Instruments for Total Knee Arthroplasty are designed to be an extension of a surgeon's hands during knee replacement surgeries. The system includes an AR sizer, broach handle, slap hammer, sizing plate handle, tibial resection system and femoral provisional inserter/extractor handle. The ergonomic design of each tool translates the shape and motion of the surgeon’s hand into a balanced and stress-free movement.

Designed by Jonathan Sundy, IDSA, Bryce G. Rutter, PhD, IDSA, Marc Hunter, PHD, Jeff Feng, IDSA, Josh Leedle, IDSA of Metaphase Design Group Inc.; and Justin May, Tim Yoko, Nolan Jones, Joe Capek, Brian Roach, Jason Toler, Michael Boone, Jeff VanDiepenbos, Peter Darrigan, Lindsay Hack, Steve Dietzel and Amit Borkar of Zimmer Inc. 

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