Medical & Scientific Products

Siemens ACUSON S2000™ ABVS

Siemens' Acuson S2000 ABVS (automated breast volume scanner) is an ultrasound system intended for the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. A conventional mammography often doesn't allow a proper diagnosis of possible cancers in the patient, especially if their tissue is too dense, or if the cancer is positioned in areas not easily reachable by standard mammography equipment. With the ABVS, the doctor can inspect the patient's breast using a moving ultrasound scanner, which easily reaches all areas of the breast, offering a precise tridimensional view of the tissue.

Contact: Sara Munday:

Credit: frog design for Siemens Medical Solutions

Trilogy100 Ventilator

Respiratory ventilators have been around for decades, serving the needs of those suffering from respiratory problems like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)--now the third most common chronic disease on earth--but almost always in a hospital or clinical setting. The Trilogy100 changes that, defining a new category of simple, portable ventilators that allow chronic respiratory sufferers to bring their treatment comfortably home.  It recasts the ventilator as a consumer product, with an intuitive interface and familiar aesthetic that resembles consumer electronics more than medical hardware. It fits gracefully into a home environment, and travels well, weighing just 11 pounds. Yet it offers great versatility, supporting adult and pediatric patients with a range of respiratory ailments, in both invasive and noninvasive capacities.

Contact: Paul McGroary:

Credit: Philips Home Healthcare Design and Ziba Design

VALO Dental Curing Light

The VALO is a small handheld LED light used for curing dental composite.  It is used by dentists or an assistant to harden composite placed in a tooth restoration. The device is corded and does not require any charging.  It sits in the chair-side storage for easy use and accessibility.

Contact: Ben Bergeson:

Credit: Wade Smith, Jared Sheetz, Dee Jessop, Neil Jessop, and Ben Bergeson of Ultradent Products Inc.

Npant System for Bedridden Patients

For bedridden nursing home patients with urine incontinence, wearing wet diapers for prolonged periods may cause bedsores. On the other hand, the disposable adult diaper amounts to 7% of total landfill waste. Npant system is a reusable diaper warp equipped with a moisture sensor and alarm system, designed to work with booster pads. When urine is produced and absorbed by the pad, the wet diaper detector will recognize moisture and alert the caregiver immediately.

Contact: Jeng-Neng Fan:

Credit: Jeng-Neng Fan of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan) and Hsu-Chih Huang of Hungkuang University (Taiwan) for Insight Center, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

Fitbit Tracker

Like a thumb-drive for fitness powered by sophisticated 3-D motion sensor technology, the FitBit Tracker counts steps taken, calories burned and quality of sleep, conveying this data in the blue glow of an OLED display. FitBit is a miniature wireless tracker that clips easily to clothing, complementing any outfit. With its own web account, this wellness device paints a vivid digital picture of overall activity as well as automatically uploading data of its wearer's movements for easy tracking of progress over time.

"Finally a health device that creates and carries its own identity!  The clip form factor is very appropriate and intuitive, the design language blends jewelry cues and consumer electronics quality into a very memorable yet discrete object."  --Sandrine Lebas, LUNAR

Contact: Gadi Amit:

Credit: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Yoshi Hoshino, Nichole Towler, Laura Bucholtz and Barbara Stettler of NewDealDesign LLC for Fitbit Inc.

MRI Chair

Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in men. The MRI Chair is dedicated to improving the quality and experience of the prostate exam in order to encourage men to have this life-saving procedure. MR imaging, with its excellent soft-tissue differentiation, provides high-resolution views of the prostate and surrounding structures. Enabled by developing magnet technology, this chair rewrites MR design. With its soft fabric and music, comfortable form and position, it speaks of a living room, reducing anxiety, increasing comfort and improving the chance of annual exams.

Contact: Lionel Wodecki:

Credit: Lionel Wodecki of GE Healthcare (France)

Cimzia Prefilled Syringe

Cimzia's Prefilled Syringe is the first syringe designed with and for rheumatoid arthritis patients. It is designed to overcome self-injection challenges faced by those who self-administer this biologic medication, which can be tough if people's joints are painful and inflamed from rheumatoid arthritis.  Specifically, the prefilled syringe and syringe components improve on key areas that people with rheumatoid arthritis struggle with when self injecting medication: the finger flange, plunger, needle cover and packaging. All are designed to put patients in control, empowering them during the self-injection process and promoting a more independent lifestyle.

Contact: Mercedes Coats:

Credit: Eric Freitag, Dan Formosa, PhD, Joern Vicari, Boris Kontorvich and Steve Vordenberg of Smart Design; Darrell Morgan and Barbara Domanska of UCB (Belgium); and Alex Lee and Michael Patel Delevante of OXO for UCB CellTech (Belgium)

Eli Lilly HumatroPen 6mg, 12mg, 24mg

Eli Lilly manufactures a drug therapy called Humatrope, a recombinant, injectable human growth hormone (HGH) created specifically for adults and children who naturally lack HGH. The team was asked to design a delivery device for kids that would improve the acceptance of the therapy over a previous device Lilly marketed for several years.  After spending time in the field with a wide variety of users, the design team learned that kids had far more sophisticated needs than they'd first imagined, and shifted the approach. By re-designing only seven parts from an existing injector, the team created HumatroPen 6, 12 and 24 (each number denotes a different dose concentration in milligrams) with accurate identification at-a-glance. The pens address young users' desire for reassurance, trust and approachability, while appealing to their aesthetic tastes.

Contact: Katie Clark:

Credit: Angie Kim, Kara Krumpe, Bob McCaffrey, Ken Focht and Jeewon Jung of IDEO; and Alison Dodd and William Morrison of Eli Lilly

S Series™ BTE featuring Sweep™ Technology

The S Series™ BTE featuring Sweep™ Technology is an open fit hearing aid for users with moderate to severe hearing loss. It provides clear speech amplification in the most challenging listening situations, enabling the most natural hearing experience possible by eliminating feedback and intelligently sensing noise levels to focus on what users most want to hear: voices. Combining technical features, stunning design and a revolutionary new user interface, the S Series™ BTE replaces traditional hearing aid buttons and dials with an innovative touch surface that allows users to adjust volume and change settings with the simple sweep or touch of a finger along the hearing aid's spine, making it the first and only hearing aid to adapt touch technology to make it easier for users to operate their hearing aids.

Contact: Kendra Klemme:

Credit: Tim Trine, Sid Higgins and Deb Corti of Starkey Laboratories, Inc., and Stuart Karten, Ron Pierce, Eric Schmid, Dennis Schroeder and Paul Kirley of Stuart Karten Design

Ventus PROVENT™ Professional Sleep Apnea Therapy

PROVENT Therapy is a simple to use, disposable prescription treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). PROVENT Therapy uses the body's own breathing to create positive airway pressure, eliminating the need for often-ineffective surgery or discomfort due to the cumbersome tubing, mask and machine of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy. The PROVENT Nasal Device is placed just inside the nostrils and is held in place by a discreet hypoallergenic adhesive.  It uses a novel, non-invasive valve design: on inhalation, the valve opens allowing nearly unobstructed airflow; on exhalation, the valve closes and air passing through the nose is directed through two small air channels. This creates expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP), which helps maintain an open airway during sleep.

"An innovative new approach and technology for the treatment of sleep apnea. Moving from the traditional full mask therapy that runs on electricity; to a new therapy that is discreet, comfortable, easily portable, human-powered, and may reduce some of the stigma and embarrassment associated with sleep apnea."  --Isabel Ancona 

Contact: Gerard Fubershaw:

Credit: Art Sandoval, Jeff Servaites, Matt Durack and Sandrine Lebas of LUNAR; and Rajiv Doshi, Bryan Loomas, Ryan Pierce, Elliot Sather, Eric Meyer and Art Ferdinand of Ventus Medical