Medical & Scientific Products

Insight Foot Care Scale

The Insight Foot Care Scale is a bathroom scale that helps diabetics perform the critical and often difficult task of daily foot inspection. Doctors believe that more than half of diabetics’ lower-extremity amputations could be avoided with proper daily foot inspection. The scale illuminates after each weight check to remind users to inspect the bottom of their feet. The angle of the magnifying mirror enables comfortable foot inspection while seated and without the need to bend or move in ways that are difficult for those with decreased mobility.

Contact: Sara Munday: Credit: frog design Client: Arcadia

Game Ready's GR 2 Control Unit

RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is a proven process for treating athletic injury or aiding recovery after orthopedic surgery. GameReady's GR2 integrates the two most difficult elements of this process, ice and compression, into a single effortless system. It converts iced water into cold and compression therapy, eliminating the need for cumbersome, leaky bags of ice.

Contact: Gadi Amit, IDSA: Credit: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Mike Massucco and Serge Beaulieu of NewDealDesign LLC Client: CoolSystems, Inc.

CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stones

This line of ceramic massage stones combine the indulgence of hot stone massage with the effectiveness of massage tools. Made from double-fired porcelain, the stones’ smooth, polished surfaces glide over the skin, relieving tension as they go.

Contact: Deanna Moen: Credit: Ethan Imboden, Sarah Marchick and Ryan Riehl of Jimmyjane Client:

Venue 40

The Venue 40 is an ergonomically adaptable ultrasound device with a simple interface and a consumer-electronic aesthetic that communicates mobility and quality. It is comfortable to carry, easy to clean and straightforward to operate, using just four buttons and a stylus for the touch screen. Because of its size and simplicity, its use can extend beyond the hospital setting to such applications as on-the-spot field care in military and sport medicine.

Contact: Aurelie Boudier: Credit: Aurelie Boudier of GE Healthcare (France) Client:

Multix Patient Table

Here, the humble patient table becomes a welcoming, ergonomically sensitive environment that helps to optimize the relationship between patients and their physicians. Designers rethought patient and doctor needs to minimize discomfort and integrate access to new capabilities. For instance, using an RFID badge, the table senses the height of a patient and adjusts itself automatically.

Contact: Lionel Wodecki: Credit: Lionel Wodecki of GE Healthcare (France) Client:

Mammo Next

The Mammo Next is designed to minimize the physical and mental discomfort of a mammogram so women will embrace this vital healthcare ritual. The arrangement of the equipment allows the technician and the patient to make eye contact during the exam. Patients, meanwhile, can control the compression of their breast.

Contact: Aurelie Boudier: Credit: Aurelie Boudier of GE Healthcare (France) Client:

Discovery MR

The Discovery MR helps minimize patient anxiety when undergoing an MRI procedure. The table is removable, so patients can be prepped in a separate room away from the imposing device. The touchstrip and in-room console also allow the technologist to remain at the patient’s side while completing the setup procedures in the scan room. These design-driven features also increase efficiency: one patient can be scanned while another is being prepped.

Contact: Jonathan Polhamus, IDSA: Credit: Jonathan Polhamus, IDSA, Lawrence Murphy, IDSA, Sudhir Sanandan and GE Healthcare Global Design Client:

Pathway PV Atherectomy System

The Pathway System is a minimally invasive medical system used to remove plaque from peripheral arteries. The adjustable diameter cutting tip rotates up to 60,000 rpm to remove plaque without causing trauma to arterial walls. A proprietary process is used to irrigate the blockage with saline and remove the plaque from arteries without allowing particulates to enter the bloodstream.

"The designers demonstrated a unique understanding of the users of these systems and how to make these products as easy-to-use and error-proof as possible. The designers really set a standard for simplification in these otherwise complicated systems."

--Ken Musgrave, IDSA, director, industrial design, Dell Inc.

Contact:Fernd van Engelen: Credit:Peter Bristol, Stephanie Barnes and the industrial design and engineering teams of Carbon Design Group, and the engineering team of Pathway Medical Client:

Nanopoint Microfluidics Controller

The Controller forms the basis of the life support system for the live cells which are studied in the accompanying cellTRAY Fluidics System. It regulates the temperature in the bio-incubator, manages the delivery of nutrients in extremely small quantities (microliters per second), enables the delivery of small amounts of drugs and removes metabolic waste.

"...demonstrates how elegance can be brought to the design of a significantly complex product. Thoughtfulness in the layout provides benefits in function and footprint, while giving the company a truly iconic product."

--Ken Musgrave, IDSA, director, industrial design, Dell Inc.

Contact: Fernd van Engelen: Credit: Peter Bristol, Fernd van Engelen and Carbon Design Team of Carbon Design Group; and Mike Chang, Maile Griffin, Len Higashi and Cathy Owen of Nanopoint Imaging Client:

Zōn™ Series Hearing Aid

Suitable for users with mild to moderate hearing loss, Zon provides a natural hearing experience by eliminating feedback and using digital signal processing, which changes with noise levels as a user moves through different environments. This hearing aid was researched, designed and tested with patients for optimal comfort, ergonomic accuracy and cosmetic fit in rich color options to complement and match hair and skin tones. With its curved, elegant shape, cool finish, and sophisticated hair and skin-tone color palette, it is the first hearing aid to bring together world-class technology and strikingly beautiful design.


Credit: Stuart Karten, IDSA, Ron Pierce, Eric Olson, Eric Schmid, Dennis Schroeder, and Paul Kirley of Stuart Karten Design; and Deb Corti and Sid Higgins of Starkey Laboratories, Inc.