Medical & Scientific Products

Vicks Digital Thermometer Family - Baby Rectal

Client: Kaz, Inc.

The Vicks Baby Thermometer brings new innovation to the thermometer market; its design has been tailored to the specific anatomical area being measured. Most competitive products continue to borrow their form from traditional thermometer design (a long, thin probe), regardless of the body part involved-mouth, underarm or rectum. This design makes rectal temperature-taking quicker, more accurate and, best of all, more comfortable for the baby. Parent-friendly features include an ergonomic, compact size; a guard against over-insertion; a flexible tip; and a large backlit LCD positioned on the side for easy viewing. In addition, the thermometer only requires one hand to operate, freeing the other hand to soothe the infant.

Contact: Wendi Parson,
Smart Design, USA,

Credit: Smart Design; Kaz, Inc.

Denco Personal Grooming Tools

Denco Easy Grip is the first line of personal grooming tools (pointed- and slant-tip tweezers, nail and toenail clippers and a foot smoother) designed specifically for users with reduced manual dexterity. The team interviewed, tested and observed users with reduced dexterity, as well as average users, aestheticians and hand specialists to ensure the bio-mechanical and ergonomic innovations added improved comfort and performance over conventional grooming tools. The design team also developed a signature look for the tools that impart key product attributes-comfortable and inviting, high-quality, easy-to-use and unique. The ice blue and white color scheme straddles a stylish and personal care aesthetic. Additionally, the blue areas intuitively suggest to the user where and how to grip the tools.

Contact: Wendi Parson,
Smart Design, USA,

Credit: Smart Design; Denco

Niton family of XRF Analyzers & Accessories

These portable x-ray fluorescence analyzers can quickly and non-destructively determine the elemental composition of any sample. Applications include lead paint testing, soil contamination testing, mining, material identification in scrap yards and heavy metal detection in plastics. This product was the first of its kind to address significant ergonomic considerations, thereby transforming a commodity product in a saturated market into a market success. Sales have been so brisk that competitors have begun to offer their own ergonomically designed analyzers. Although these competing designs may mimic the look of Niton's products, their level of ergonomic development falls short of Niton, so no appreciable market share has been lost.

"The designer succeeded at using the classic design problem-solving process-and achieved critical performance." -Eric Chan, IDSA, President, ECCO Design

Contact: Heather Andrus,
Altitude, Inc, USA,
617 623 7600 x 246,

Credit: Altitude, Inc; Niton, LLC

Embrace Heart Stabilizer

The Embrace Heart Stabilizer is used during beating-heart coronary bypass surgery to assist surgeons in positioning the heart and stabilizing the coronary artery. The stabilization created by the device allows surgeons to bypass the blocked artery without resorting to the traditional method of stopping the heart and employing a heart/lung machine, a new technique that is less invasive and lower in risk. Because of its unobtrusive profile, clutter and crowding is reduced giving the surgeon unencumbered access to the chest cavity. The stabilizer also serves as a stable frame for mounting other instruments.

"It is an example of innovation in function. Design put to good use to save lives." -Eric Chan, IDSA, President, ECCO Design

Contact: Cassie McQueeny-Tankard,
Herbst LaZar Bell Inc (HLB), USA,

Credit: CardioVations ETHICON, Inc., a JOHNSON & JOHNSON Company; Herbst LaZar Bell Inc (Inc); Avail Medical Products Inc.; StrategixVision

VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer

The VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer and Storage System uses safe, clean ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9 percent of the germs on your toothbrush. It fills the marketplace void for home toothbrush sanitizers that are consumer friendly, easy to use and stylish. One of the design parameters established by the designers necessitated VIOlight not require users to change their normal brushing routine. The device emulates a standard bathroom toothbrush storage cup rather than a commercial-like sanitizer. When you are done brushing simply insert the toothbrush in the cup until your next brushing. Within the first six months VIOlight went on the market it sold over 10,000 units and received acclaim from the media as well as the dental professional industry.

"Elevates an everyday, mundane object to a higher level." -Eric Chan, IDSA, President, ECCO Design

Contact: Jonathan Pinsky,
VIOlight LLC, USA,

Credit: Philippe Starck Network, France; VIOlight LLC

GMP LifeSync Wireless ECG Monitor

Client: GMP Wireless Medicine Inc

The LifeSync Wireless ECG System is the first electrocardiogram monitoring system to eliminate the wires and cables between patients and bedside monitors. Bluetooth technology transmits data from the electrodes to the ECG monitor. The device's components were also designed to make them appear less threatening and more comfortable to wear on the arm. The color scheme is a friendly off-white and blue.

"Compelling, elegant design solution to integrate smart technology for the chaotic ER, an area that is badly in need of help." -Eric Chan, IDSA, President, ECCO Design

Contact: Gabriele Bartell,
Design Continuum, USA,

Credit: Design Continuum; GMP Companies; Robrady Design; Motorola Energy Systems Group; Stonestreet One, Inc.; Heatlhcare Technology Group; Motorola, Inc.

SonoSite MicroMaxx Ultrasound System


Compared to traditional cart-based ultrasound systems, which typically weigh 200 pounds or more, the MicroMaxx hand-carried ultrasound system offers doctors and clinicians greater mobility and flexibility to quickly gather diagnostic information and guide medical interventions at the point of care. It delivers a full range of ultrasound capabilities at image resolutions comparable to traditional systems and features a disarmingly simple user interface. In addition, it is less expensive to manufacture and less expensive to purchase than comparable cart-based systems.

Contact:Alex Diener, IDSA
SonoSite Ultrasound

Credit: SonoSite

Mion Footwear

Mion is the ultimate in amphibious footwear, combining performance, comfort and versatility with unique, artistic yet functional styling. The shoes offer a custom fit, are water-compatible and lightweight, and provide superior traction ideal for sailors, kayakers and any other athlete on or around water. Designers utilized a unique repertoire of environmentally sensitive materials, including a corn-based film for the morphic effect on the exterior. For ecologically minded consumers, the eco-metrics label (inspired by the FDA’s nutritional facts label) provides details on the environmental impact of their purchase. Mion stands apart from other sports shoes by balancing a sometimes conflicting set of needs, such as providing protection around key areas of the foot, including the toe area, while keeping the shoe lightweight. Even after being in the water all day, the shoes are not heavy or water logged. The ergomorphic footbed permanently molds to the wearer’s foot after 12 hours of use, and the climbing-grade cord gives users infinite adjustability.

Contact: Amy Cunningham
Mion Footwear

Credit: Keen Design Studio and Timberland Invention Factory

Client: The Timberland Company

Cupsicle 8oz. Insulated My First Straw Cup

This spill-proof, insulated straw cup with handles helps children learn to use a straw without worries about spills. Many young children prefer to drink from a straw, but cups with straws are often too large and cumbersome for them to hold, often leading to messes. The Cupsicle offers easy-to-grip handles, a retractable straw, an anti-tip base and spill-proof construction. In addition, gel crystals captured between the inner and outer walls keep the contents cold longer—they even look like ice, just like adults use. The Cupsicle is available in four different bright, bold color patterns sure to entrance kids.

Contact: Mark Tebbe
Munchkin, Inc.

Credit: Munchkin, Inc.


da Vinci S - Surgical System

Client: Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

The da Vinci S Surgical System is a state-of-the-art tele-operated robotic device used to perform minimally invasive surgery. It consists of an ergonomically designed surgeon’s console, four interactive robotic arms and a vision system that provides a 3D view of the surgical field. The system’s fully articulated instruments enable the surgeon’s hand movements to be natural and tremor-free. Streamlining the setup process was one of the device’s main innovations, requiring all accessories to be redesigned to be easily managed and quickly attached. The user interface was simplified, and the instrument interface was updated to allow for quicker instrument changes.

Contact: Ricardo Salinas, IDSA
rsid studio