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SpeediCath Compact Eve

SpeediCath Compact Eve is a new generation intermittent catheter for women needing control over bladder function as a result of multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries. While traditional catheters can often draw unwanted attention in public, Compact Eve easily blends in to better fit into users’ lives. The triangular form is easy to grip and twist open for users who may have associated dexterity problems, and provides anti-roll if dropped. A smart, two-layered construction guarantees discretion in hand, handbag or trash by hiding the catheter and lubricant. The translucent outer layer also creates a stunning, high-end, glass-like effect—giving a feminine, lifestyle-feel while remaining reassuringly medical. Combining function with discrete, beautiful and stigma-free product design, Compact Eve sets new standards for quality in medical products.

Designed by: Coloplast and Native


Connected NICU

The Connected NICU concept aims at supporting family-centered and developmental care, improving parental experience, long-term development and quality of life for the baby. The intense nature of a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit exposes the baby to light and noise—disturbing sleep and making it difficult to bond. Our holistic concept minimizes these aspects. Mother and child stay together in the family room. Staff is enabled to coach and involve parents. A parental portal provides information, tools and services. The ‘cradle’ concept creates an optimum micro-environment while cameras unobtrusively monitor the vitals. A smart snuggle nest enables vital skin-to-skin therapy also known as kangaroo care. A patient centric workflow guides staff around the infants sleep cycles and can predict emergency events. Monitoring and life support systems are integrated in a headwall, bringing information together to provide a new level of care.

Designed by: Philips Design Innovation and Philips Research for Royal Philips


HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Shears with Adaptive Tissue Technology

HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Shears with Adaptive Tissue Technology are designed to be the only sealing and dissecting tool surgeons will need for an entire procedure. Representing a breakthrough in ultrasonic energy technology, HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Shears are indicated for soft tissue incisions when bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are desired. The single-use instrument can be used as an adjunct to or substitute for electrosurgery, lasers, and steel scalpels in breast, colorectal, general, gynecologic, otorhinolaryngologic (ear, nose and throat), peripheral vascular, plastic and urologic procedures and in orthopedic structures (such as spine and joint space).

Designed by: Johnson & Johnson IDHF team and Johnson & Johnson Global Surgery Group Research and Development team for Ethicon



HARMONIC ACE® +7 Shears with Advanced Hemostasis

HARMONIC ACE® +7 Shears are the first and only pure ultrasonic energy device with a 7mm vessel sealing indication. Designed to work in conjunction with the Ethicon Generator G11 and HARMONIC® HP054 Hand Piece, HARMONIC ACE® +7 Shears unite the precision and multi-functionality of HARMONIC with stronger large vessel sealing—a benefit combination that does not exist in any other product. Using advanced algorithms, the device actively monitors tissue conditions to sense and respond intelligently to changes in tissue, helping reduce the risk of thermal damage. Surgeons use it for precise dissecting, transecting, coagulating, sealing and grasping tissue in open and minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures, particularly those where bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are important, such as general, bariatric, colorectal, gynecologic, thoracic and urologic procedures.

Designed by: Johnson & Johnson IDHF team and Johnson & Johnson Global Surgery Group Research and Development team for Ethicon



UTS Ultrasound Table System Concept

This Ultrasound Table concept reconsiders patient and general physician’s needs to increase the comfort and provide direct access to new capabilities. UTS re-imagines the classic patient table as a welcoming, ergonomically sensitive and open environment, using new technology to create a better relationship between patient and doctor. The design metaphor of a hammock holds positive associations of well-being, which encourages visits to the doctor for early detection. All the equipment required for an ultrasound exam is integrated inside the patient table: probes, gel, ultrasound device, computer, screen and remote control unit. 

Designed by: Lionel Wodecki of GE Healthcare


ApniCure® Winx™ Sleep Therapy System

ApniCure’s Winx® System is an innovative medical device for treating obstructive sleep apnea. The system operates by applying a gentle negative pressure through a novel mouthpiece to urge airway-obstructing tissues (soft palate and tongue) forward, thereby keeping the airway open during sleep. The Winx System consists of a quiet, microprocessor-controlled, bedside console connected to a fitted mouthpiece with small flexible tubing. The console generates the negative pressure, collects excess saliva and provides operation and usage feedback with lighted indicators and data ports (USB and SD card). The Winx System is simple to use, comfortable, compact and travel friendly—offering many advantages over the current standard of care (CPAP) by eliminating the need for a facemask, headgear, humidifier and pressurized air.

Designed by: Ariel Turgel, IDSA, Dan Harden, IDSA and Kyle Buzzard of Whipsaw, Inc.; and Matt Vaska, Jonathan Podmore and Jed Crowe for ApniCure, Inc.


da Vinci Xi Surgical System

The da Vinci® Xi™ Surgical System is an advanced tool for minimally invasive surgery. It acts as a natural extension of a surgeon’s eyes and hands, through a combination of cutting-edge robotics, 3D stereoscopic vision and intuitive human-interface controls. Seated at the ergonomic da Vinci console, the surgeon has 3D high definition vision of the surgical field, with magnification 10x greater than the human eye. Intuitive hand controls allow the surgeon to operate with enhanced precision, dexterity and control, using tiny-wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand. The da Vinci Surgical System’s unique human-to-machine synchronization—called “following”—fosters a state of proprioception, a sense of the system being an extension of the surgeon’s body. In this state, the surgeon operates from a comfortable seated position with steady, natural motion and control.

Designed by: Intuitive Surgical New Product Development Team; Scott Waters; and Bould Design


Brivo XR118

The Brivo XR118 is an affordable, digital, X-ray imaging solution to help rural hospitals and customers, who may not be able to afford such a system to solve their toughest daily problems, improve primary medical imaging diagnosis capability with GE’s first cassette-sized wireless detector, digital portable kit and handheld viewing pad. This digital radiography solution to upgrade existing, analog X-ray devices or install a new fixed or portable digital X-ray system is also targeted the for primary care market in developing countries. It brings freedom, flexibility, higher throughput, low dose and excellent UX to patient and technician via a wireless detector with the same size and thickness as film cassettes; strong compatibility for any standard cassette tray; simplified workflow; non-intrusive installation, handheld operation; and innovative X-ray auto sensing technology.

Designed by: Yidan Zhao, Gang Hong, Chen Wang, Lichao Xue and Juezhang Wang of GE Healthcare (China)


LUMI Medical Advanced Concept

LUMI Medical Advanced Concept is a non-invasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions and provides a hybrid solution to scan a large panel of patients. Its neonatal configuration allows the caregiver and the family to be very close to the baby from both sides. The hammock metaphor is associated with a relax position, referring to a soft space. Along with soft materials and gentle curves, the use of wood echoes the home nursery. The height of the cradle is designed for standing use. The second configuration with the chair is dedicated to spinal and head exams, focusing on the anatomy of the vertebrae, the disks, the spinal cord and the spaces between the vertebrae and the brain. The sitting position contributes to a simple and easy access for the older patient. The large bore becomes more comfortable for the obese category.

Designed by: Lionel Wodecki of GE Healthcare


VISIQ Portable Ultrasound System

The VISIQ portable ultrasound system enables the user to create crisp, clear images anytime, anywhere. Its portable user-friendly design uses miniaturization to integrate a powerful image acquisition module into the transducer. It was designed to work with a compact tablet display.

Designed by Philips Design Healthcare Team 

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