Zenon ZeeWeed® 1000 v3 Municipal Water Filtration System

The Zenon Zeeweed® 1000 v3 is a municipal drinking water filtration system. The new design introduces a number of advances over earlier generations, which were difficult to install, maintain and operate. A modular design approach allows the filtration units to be assembled into cassettes of varying dimensions that are able fit into virtually any size tank. Each module is easily inserted into or removed from the cassette by sliding it, like a book into a bookcase, by means of two handles that pivot out to release a locking mechanism. Aesthetic components add a strong identity and technologically advanced character to the product. The large transparent shrouds on either side of the module demystify how the membrane technology works and further reinforce the Zenon identity, while the scalloped surface of the modular elements evoke air bubbles rushing to the surface of water. The handles, placed at the upper and lower recesses of the module, frame the Zenon logo in their center. The design also reduced production costs by approximately 20 percent.

Contact: Miles Keller,
MKDA Inc., Canada,
416 466 7070,

Credit: MKDA Inc, Canada; Zenon Environmental Inc., Canada