Vistalab Ergonomic Pipette

Client: VistaLab Technologies

VistaLab is an industry leader with a 50% share of the marketplace for medical pipettes--laboratory liquid handling devices. In deciding to re-examine the pipette, Vistalab was changing a design that has not changed much since its invention. The new form factor, taking advantage of the latest technology, extensive ergonomic and field testing, increases productivity, speeds up research and, ultimately, results in a higher quality of medical support.

"Solid design work has resulted in a new product configuration that has the potential to improve the function on several levels. The friendly, soft form suggests its use clearly and is a nice contrast to the more technical look of typical lab equipment." -Clyde Foles, IDSA, Center for Creative Studies

Contact: Rob Veksler,
frog design,

Designers: frog design, inc.