Vicks Underarm Thermometer by Kaz, Inc

Client: Kaz, Inc

Until now, all digital underarm thermometers borrowed their form from the old mercury thermometers. The design team discovered that changing the shape from straight to curved makes a thermometer a lot more comfortable and visually communicates to the consumer that it's not for oral or rectal use. The new shape snugly fits into the underarm cavity with a probe that mates with the "hot zone." Better ergonomics and a friendlier look make taking a child's temperature a lot less hassle.

"It's so refreshing to see such an elegant and simple product that stands out from the competition because it is appropriately designed. Less threatening for the child and easier to read for the parent; this is a 'wow.'" - Amy Potts, IDSA, Principal, Potts Design

Contact: Wendi Parson,
Smart Design,

Credit: Smart Design