Vicks Digital Thermometer Family - Baby Rectal

Client: Kaz, Inc.

The Vicks Baby Thermometer brings new innovation to the thermometer market; its design has been tailored to the specific anatomical area being measured. Most competitive products continue to borrow their form from traditional thermometer design (a long, thin probe), regardless of the body part involved-mouth, underarm or rectum. This design makes rectal temperature-taking quicker, more accurate and, best of all, more comfortable for the baby. Parent-friendly features include an ergonomic, compact size; a guard against over-insertion; a flexible tip; and a large backlit LCD positioned on the side for easy viewing. In addition, the thermometer only requires one hand to operate, freeing the other hand to soothe the infant.

Contact: Wendi Parson,
Smart Design, USA,

Credit: Smart Design; Kaz, Inc.