Trilogy100 Ventilator

Respiratory ventilators have been around for decades, serving the needs of those suffering from respiratory problems like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)--now the third most common chronic disease on earth--but almost always in a hospital or clinical setting. The Trilogy100 changes that, defining a new category of simple, portable ventilators that allow chronic respiratory sufferers to bring their treatment comfortably home.  It recasts the ventilator as a consumer product, with an intuitive interface and familiar aesthetic that resembles consumer electronics more than medical hardware. It fits gracefully into a home environment, and travels well, weighing just 11 pounds. Yet it offers great versatility, supporting adult and pediatric patients with a range of respiratory ailments, in both invasive and noninvasive capacities.

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Credit: Philips Home Healthcare Design and Ziba Design