Titan Electron Microscope

Client: FEI Company (Netherlands)

The Titan microscope brings the nano-scale within the reach of researchers and developers. Within minutes of inserting a sample, the device provides atomic-level analysis. The desk, control panels and the complete user-orientation were analyzed from a human factors point of view and optimized for comfortable operation of the machine. All the technical components, such as cables, wires, hoses, nuts and bolts, needed to be shielded from environmental influences. However, by applying a semi-transparent smoked front cover, its innovative technology need not be hidden. From an environmental perspective, the Titan is easily disassembled at the end of its life cycle, which facilitates the proper recycling of its X-ray stopping materials, such as lead. The company’s current market share in this market segment has grown to approximately 70 percent.

Contact: Annemieke Strous
Philips Design

Credit: Philips Design (Netherlands)