SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device


Designers were challenged with developing a hand-held suturing device that would prevent needle-stick injuries and protect surgeons, nurses, operating room staff and patients against potentially deadly blood borne pathogens. The SuturTek 360 precisely replicates traditional hand suturing techniques. It prevents accidental needle sticks by containing the sharp point of the needle in a protective cartridge when not in use. It also reduces trauma to the tissue by assuring the needle always follows its own arc. For surgeons, it speeds up the procedure and reduces the tedium of hand suturing—simply squeeze the handle to place a stitch. The SuturTek 360 can also be used with equal ease in either hand.

Contact: James Bleck, IDSA
Bleck Design Group
978-251-7474 x223

Credit: Bleck Design Group and SuturTek