Speed-Sheet is a disposable patient transfer and barrier sheet for use by emergency medical services, fire departments and emergency response units. It lies inert under a patient at all times (serving as a fluid barrier protection between the patient and the mattress) and transforms into a low-friction transfer aid when the patient is laterally transferred to another surface.

"Strikingly simple solution to a weighty problem, with immediate benefits for healthcare workers"- Duncan Trevor-Wilson, Global Design Manager for Emerging Markets, GE healthcare in Shanghai

Credits: Cliff Lambarth, Jeff Lewandowski, Marty Stryker, Jason Wroblewski, IDSA, Jason Kneen, Andrew Faulkner and Vas Subramanian of Stryker and Rick Sherman and Rahul Deshmukh of CTI Industries

Contact: Jason Wroblewski: jason.wroblewski@stryker.com