Smiths Cleo 90 Infusion Set


The Cleo 90 all-in-one infusion set for administering insulin through a pump offers a host of new features to reduce complexity, maximize comfort and ensure safety. The single-unit, self-contained packaging does at least triple duty: it’s an integral sturdy sterile package, easy-to-use insertion device and automatic, needle-safe disposal container. It also reduces the number of steps for the patient. Cleo sticks to the skin with a smaller, less obtrusive adhesive patch, and the cannula design uses the smallest inserter needle of any cannula-style infusion set—for less pain. And with its deliberately non-medical, discreet consumer-product look, users can feel comfortable using the device in all kinds of environments and situations.

Contact: Diana Greenberg
Bridge Design, Inc
415-487-7100 x255

Credit: Bridge Design and Smiths Medical MD, Inc.