Siemens Symbia Medical Imaging Systems


Symbia is a medical imaging system that merges diagnostic-quality CT and SPECT imaging into one step for faster and more accurate medical diagnoses. This system also increases workflow optimization for clinicians and enhances patient throughput, and the machine requires less space and fewer personnel to operate. Despite its state-of-the art technology, Symbia is not intimidating to patients. Comfort is increased by the open architecture, integrated audio/visual patient entertainment system and easier ingress and egress. Backlit translucent materials, light colors and fresh graphics lend an emotional approachability as well.

“This product has a big kick but a small footprint. There’s a lot of technology—and a lot of cost—going on here, but its presence is light, cool and respectful.”
--John Thackara, director, Doors of Perception

Contact: Robert Henshaw, IDSA
Formation Design Group

Credit: Siemens Medical Systems, Formation Design Group, designafairs (Germany), and Ergonomic Systems Design