S Series™ BTE featuring Sweep™ Technology

The S Series™ BTE featuring Sweep™ Technology is an open fit hearing aid for users with moderate to severe hearing loss. It provides clear speech amplification in the most challenging listening situations, enabling the most natural hearing experience possible by eliminating feedback and intelligently sensing noise levels to focus on what users most want to hear: voices. Combining technical features, stunning design and a revolutionary new user interface, the S Series™ BTE replaces traditional hearing aid buttons and dials with an innovative touch surface that allows users to adjust volume and change settings with the simple sweep or touch of a finger along the hearing aid's spine, making it the first and only hearing aid to adapt touch technology to make it easier for users to operate their hearing aids.

Contact: Kendra Klemme: kendra_klemme@starkey.com

Credit: Tim Trine, Sid Higgins and Deb Corti of Starkey Laboratories, Inc., and Stuart Karten, Ron Pierce, Eric Schmid, Dennis Schroeder and Paul Kirley of Stuart Karten Design