ProPlus 2450 Scale, Health o meter Professional

Client: Pelstar, LLC.

The ProPlus scale was designed as a transportable and easy-to-operate wheelchair scale intended for special needs or wheelchair-bound patients. If the patient is in a remote location, the physician or nurse delivers the scale, unfolds the ramps, sets the control panel in a desired location, and wheels the patient onto the scale. An accurate weight reading is taken by four electric pods located underneath the wheelchair ramps. The control panel has a 2.75-inch by 1.5-inch LCD and a user-friendly membrane switch keypad. Additionally, two serial ports and one USB are included to facilitate communication between the scale and a PC or other accessories.

Contact: Missy Gustafson,
Cesaroni Design, USA,
(847) 724-8840,

Credit: Cesaroni Design; Pelstar, LLC