Pathway PV Atherectomy System

The Pathway System is a minimally invasive medical system used to remove plaque from peripheral arteries. The adjustable diameter cutting tip rotates up to 60,000 rpm to remove plaque without causing trauma to arterial walls. A proprietary process is used to irrigate the blockage with saline and remove the plaque from arteries without allowing particulates to enter the bloodstream.

"The designers demonstrated a unique understanding of the users of these systems and how to make these products as easy-to-use and error-proof as possible. The designers really set a standard for simplification in these otherwise complicated systems."

--Ken Musgrave, IDSA, director, industrial design, Dell Inc.

Contact:Fernd van Engelen: Credit:Peter Bristol, Stephanie Barnes and the industrial design and engineering teams of Carbon Design Group, and the engineering team of Pathway Medical Client: