The NetGuard system is a new type of ambulatory monitoring device that's designed to be cost effective and simple to operate. The system provides immediate recognition of life-threatening cardiac events using historical heart-rate trends to indicate deterioration. The NetGuard system consists of a disposable battery and electrode set connected to a reusable transmitter worn on the patient’s chest, a proprietary wireless infrastructure, and a server to manage and display alarm data on hospital computers. The transmitter continuously analyzes the patient’s ECG and heart rate and alerts clinicians when life-saving intervention is needed.

Credits: Nicholas Barker, IDSA, Adam Saper and Eric Kinast of Datascope Corp; Mark Rosen of Corex Design Group, Inc.; Mike Nelson, IDSA, Tom Kadavy, Jack Profit, Peter Krystad and Dave Herrin of Stratos Product Development, LLC; Jim Healy and Chris Healy of Lead-Lok Inc.; and Bob Morton of United Plastics Group Inc.
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