Mion Footwear

Mion is the ultimate in amphibious footwear, combining performance, comfort and versatility with unique, artistic yet functional styling. The shoes offer a custom fit, are water-compatible and lightweight, and provide superior traction ideal for sailors, kayakers and any other athlete on or around water. Designers utilized a unique repertoire of environmentally sensitive materials, including a corn-based film for the morphic effect on the exterior. For ecologically minded consumers, the eco-metrics label (inspired by the FDA’s nutritional facts label) provides details on the environmental impact of their purchase. Mion stands apart from other sports shoes by balancing a sometimes conflicting set of needs, such as providing protection around key areas of the foot, including the toe area, while keeping the shoe lightweight. Even after being in the water all day, the shoes are not heavy or water logged. The ergomorphic footbed permanently molds to the wearer’s foot after 12 hours of use, and the climbing-grade cord gives users infinite adjustability.

Contact: Amy Cunningham
Mion Footwear

Credit: Keen Design Studio and Timberland Invention Factory

Client: The Timberland Company