Medtronic M4 Microdebrider

Client: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

The Straightshot M4 is a microdebrider-a surgical handpiece used by ear, nose and throat surgeons as a cutting tool for the removal of tissue such as polyps during nasal sinus surgery. The new design addresses several shortcomings with existing products and offers significantly improved intraoperative functionality. The Straightshot M4 is the first microdebrider with the ability to rotate the cutting blade without first removing the device from the nasal cavity. It is also the first microdebrider to use a finger-wheel control to rotate the cutting window at the tip of the instrument. Medtronic also wanted up-to-date styling that would not just look good, but would also optimize ergonomics and convey the same high quality and reliability that had come to be associated with their name. The silicone overmold enhances grip security and control as well as gives the tool a softer, less mechanical look. At the end of 2004, product sales were up 24 percent.

Contact: Julia Usher,
Metaphase Design Group, Inc., USA,
314-721-0700 x 122,

Credit: Metaphase Design Group, Inc.