LifePort® Liver Workstation

The LifePort Liver Workstation simplifies the entire organ recovery, rehabilitation and transplantation process. With its modular construction, components can be quickly configured for a heart, lung, kidney or pancreas. However, because LifePort differs substantially from traditional organ-recovery devices, its design anticipates the resistance surgeons and clinicians might have. Its form promotes a unified, competent and trustworthy appearance, and its clean, confident design is approachable while conveying state-of-the art technology and functional simplicity. Primary control elements are grouped according to function and are physically adjacent to the components they control. By giving doctors a flexible, stable and highly functional device, the designers of LifePort hope to increase the number of organs available for transplant.


Credit: Formation Design Group, Organ Recovery Systems, UZ Leuven Heelkunde (Belgium) and Scott Padiak and Associates

Client: Organ Recovery Systems