The LABGEO A20A is a compact, intuitive and elegantly designed blood analyzer. It is a flexible design solution for a wide range of medical environments, including hospitals and urgent-care centers. Considering the space issues many medical centers have, the A20A features a stacked internal structure that reduces the total size of the product and enables users to work without getting in the way of other equipment.

The LABGEO A20A works by starting with the reagent disc. When blood is injected into the reagent disc and inserted into the analyzer, the disc starts to rotate and the blood inside the disc becomes responsive to the reagent. After inserting a disc, the touch-screen LCD becomes operational. Users can set up a test environment or check test results, which are also printable by wireless data transmission.

The pristine white outer surface of the LABGEO A20A is treated with gloss, semigloss and pattern designs. The round edges and smooth overall look of the form factor deviates from a monotonous design and looks somewhat like a futuristic mailbox.

The A20A features an adjustable touch-screen LCD that users can tilt to best suit their needs. The printer is located at the back of the LCD to achieve a compact footprint. The blood results are easily verified through the screen and from the printouts.

But there were a few design challenges to the LABGEO A20. The first challenge had to do with the characteristics of this type of equipment, namely the expensive nature of long-lasting medical equipment. Rather than making a product with bending steel plates and paint, the A20A is made with injection plastic to prevent corrosion and paint striping.

The second design challenge was an issue of balance. Using an existing product's internal frame, the challenge was to make a form factor that achieves a perfect balance for both the left and right side in consideration of its high-speed rotation during operation.

Lastly, the third challenge was to make a solid and multifeatured and functional product that is immune to changing trends.


Designed by Junghoon Kim, Sangmin Hyun, Kio Lee and Kyungsoo Sun of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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