Joey Clamp and Cutter

Client: Maternus, Inc.

Single integrated device that replaces three separate instruments required for cutting and clamping a newborn child's umbilical cord. It performs both the surgical cutting and the clamping procedure in one single-handed action, while attaching a friendly koala character to clamp the newborn's navel. Its single-handed ambidextrous design prevents bio-hazardous blood spray, clamps a wide range of umbilical cord shapes and is simple enough for lay people to use. Product exceeds all the cost and efficacy requirements of the two major sales channels: physicians and hospitals.

"The designers have captured the emotional element of childbirth in a functional surgical tool. The Joey Clamp minimizes the use of "cold" steel surgical instruments and humanizes the miracle of life. It's the best looking surgical product I've seen in a long time." -Mark Steiner, IDSA, Principal, Steiner Design Associates.

Contact: Philip Leung, IDSA,
Design Edge, Inc.,

Credit: Design Edge, Inc. and Maternus, Inc.