IsoliteTM Dryfield Illuminator

Client: Isolite Systems

The IsoliteTM Dryfield Illuminator fully illuminates a patient's mouth from the inside out making it easier for dentists to see and work. A thermo-plastic clear elastomer is formed into a soft structural mouthpiece that allows transmission of light, retraction of the tongue and cheek, a built-in provision for bite block and continuous aspiration from the oral cavity. Because of hygiene issues, the mouthpiece is disposable. One-piece injection molding kept cost low.

"The product addresses a common technical problem with a logical and simple solution; bring the light source to where it's needed most, inside the mouth. And to combine retraction and aspiration into the same product makes the Isolite product a clear winner. I think most people will agree that an instrument that reduces the time spent to complete a dental procedure is worth its weight in gold." -Mark Steiner, IDSA, Principal, Steiner Design Associates.

Contact: James A. Hirsch, IDSA,
Desmar Product Design,

Credit: Desmar Product Design and Barker Design Group