Intravenous Site Protector Dressing

Client: I.V. House, Inc.

A product that should have been designed long ago, I.V. House's innovative product brings a feasible and cost effective alternative to simply taping catheters to a patient's body to hold them in place. The Intravenous Site Protector Dressing helps prevent patients from picking at or pulling out their catheters. The design integrates a dressing wrap that offers comfort to the patient, and eliminates the used of tape over the traditional dressing.

"The IV House is a very elegant solution to a very old problem. It's one of those designs that make you wonder why nobody seems to have thought of it before."- Stephen B. Wilcox, Ph.D., FIDSA

Contact: Kent Ritzel, IDSA,
Metaphase Design Group, Inc.,
(314)721-0700 x 147;

Credit: Metaphase Design Group, Inc.