Intelect Advanced & Mobile Electrotherapy Range

Client: Chattanooga Group

The unique modular design of this fully integrated suite of clinical electrotherapy equipment offers complete flexibility in the configuration and upgrade of the unit to meet the requirements of the individual therapist, at a fraction of the cost of the individual modalities. The mobile version was designed to be compact and lightweight to facilitate use away from the clinical environment at venues such as sporting events.

  • Accessory connections are made at the front of the unit, covered by a clip-on panel.
  • Cables are managed in correct visual order for ease of identification and access and are color coded to simplify connection and recognition.

"This is a comprehensive system that uses a friendly interface to be less threatening. Its modularity makes it flexible enough to customize treatment sessions, which benefits both the user and the clients' bottom line." - Amy Potts, IDSA, Principal, Potts Design

Contact: Murray Hunter,
Design + Industry Pty Ltd, Australia
+612 9555 1166

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Credit: Design + Industry Pty Ltd, Australia and Chattanooga Group