Insulet Omnipod Personal Diabetes Management System

Client: Insulet Corporation

The OmniPod is the first wearable insulin pump that attaches directly to the user’s skin, eliminating the clutter and obtrusiveness of tubes. The pump is affixed to the abdomen with a self-adhesive backing. When activated by the user via the remote control, the OmniPod inserts a cannula into the skin, through which a metered dose of insulin is injected at regular intervals. For optimum wearability, all edges are sculpted to reduce sharp points and bulk. Its color was deliberately chosen to lend a neutral, harmless tone, like a drug delivery patch. The easy-to-use remote control features large textured buttons and a generous, backlit screen with magnified icons and text. The OmniPod system is applicable to any therapy that delivers subcutaneous liquid medications, and with only minor modifications can easily be commercialized in those markets as well.

“From a patient’s perspective, this design reduces to the perception of a healthcare product to that of a digital assistant. Overall, this system is leading the direction of consumer medical products.”
--Tor Alden, IDSA, principal, HS Design Inc.

Contact: Alan Mudd, IDSA
Design Continuum

Credit: Design Continuum