HeartStart Home Defibrillator

The HeartStart Home Defibrillator is the first automatic external defibrillator to receive FDA clearance specifically for use in the home. Centered on creating an easy-use, step-by-step interface that could be used by virtually anyone to help save a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The steps are simple and intuitive; voice prompts help the user continue with the procedure, even reminding them to call emergency help. In addition to adult pads, infant/child pads are included.

"The designers took the frightening procedure of shocking the heart and simplified the process in an intuitive unit with easy to read graphics and simple voice prompts. Of the various defibrillators on the market, the Philips unit successfully captures a utilitarian, easy-to-use aesthetic. In the home or in a police car, this unit will save many lives before EMT personnel arrive." -Mark Steiner, IDSA, Principal, Steiner Design Associates

Contact: Kurt Fischer, IDSA,
Philips Medical Systems-Heartstream,

Credit: Philips Medical Systems - Heartstream