Embrace Heart Stabilizer

The Embrace Heart Stabilizer is used during beating-heart coronary bypass surgery to assist surgeons in positioning the heart and stabilizing the coronary artery. The stabilization created by the device allows surgeons to bypass the blocked artery without resorting to the traditional method of stopping the heart and employing a heart/lung machine, a new technique that is less invasive and lower in risk. Because of its unobtrusive profile, clutter and crowding is reduced giving the surgeon unencumbered access to the chest cavity. The stabilizer also serves as a stable frame for mounting other instruments.

"It is an example of innovation in function. Design put to good use to save lives." -Eric Chan, IDSA, President, ECCO Design

Contact: Cassie McQueeny-Tankard,
Herbst LaZar Bell Inc (HLB), USA,

Credit: CardioVations ETHICON, Inc., a JOHNSON & JOHNSON Company; Herbst LaZar Bell Inc (Inc); Avail Medical Products Inc.; StrategixVision