Echelon™60 ENDOPATH® Stapler


The Echelon60 is an endocutter that divides and staples human tissue in minimally invasive surgical procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, laparoscopic colorectal procedures and lung surgery. The design team conducted extensive research to identify drawbacks of the previous product generation, including a detailed ergonomic analysis, a careful study of hand dimensions and two rounds of usability testing with surgeons. The innovation that resulted is a multiple-squeeze approach for the cutting and stapling, which required careful attention to user feedback to make it intuitive. Other improvements include increases in efficiency, intuitiveness and overall surgeon satisfaction. The Echelon60 has helped reestablish Ethicon Endo-Surgery as the global leader in endoscopic surgical stapling. In the product’s first four months, it captured a 10 percent market share with projections at 50 percent market share within the first year.

Contact: Matt Miller, IDSA
Ethicon Endo-Surgery

Credit: Ethicon Endo-Surgery and Design Science